Radio 1: Tori Talks About Remixes And Her Fans, Which Leads To 'The Daily Mirror' Newspaper Insulting Her

Updated January 16, 1997

Here is A posting to the newsgroup made by Paul Glen Beech about some quotes from Tori reported on by the Radio1 Web Site. Radio 1 is a Dance radio station in the UK.

This is taken from the Radio 1 web site @:

TORI AMOS - BEING REMIXED. Tori Amos returns to the chart at number 2 this week with a remixed version of her summer single Professional Widow. It's a club hit remixed by Armand Van Helden, so we asked Tori what she makes of it all? "Remixes are a tricky thing - especially dance remixes. They're not trying to make the tune you made. What you kind of do is run off at midnight with this delicious being and you dont know where you're going. You figure - if all else fails - you've got a gold visa in your purse."

TORI AMOS - REMIXED We asked Tori why she thinks remixers are particularly attracted to her work. "I'm told my stuf remixes well." she said "I base things around the piano and the arrangements how I hear them. I come from a real differnet world than the dance world, but there's a lot of rythm in my left hand as a player. Howvere i hear it differently than the dance guys do. So they get a kick out of taking my vision and applying their vision. To be honest I've really had fun with it."

TORI AMOS - FOLLOWING Tori says she attracts a certain of fan. "I have a big internet crew that shows up - you know the kind of rejects that never made it to college, so they're the hackers. I guess in the 60s Easy Rider was with a Harley Davidson, and now it's with a Mac."

National UK Newspaper 'The Daily Mirror' Takes Quote Out Of Context and Insults Tori

It appears that The Daily Mirror newspaper in the UK was not amused by the last quote above. There was a small article in the January 8th edition with the title "TORI SNOB" that said:

Singer Tori Amos has turned superbitch-branding her own fans nerds. Tori, at number 2 with professional widow, moaned "I have a big internet crew at my concerts. they are rejects who have never been to college."

I will simply say that anyone who knows Tori fully understands the respect she has for her fans. This quote has been taken out of context and may even have been misquoted a bit to begin with. Tori has always talked about nerds, but it is in a favorable light. Tori likes nerds! Plus, she mentions the word 'respect' constantly when refering to her fans. When she says 'rejects', she is going back to the cornflake girl/raisin girl imagery, saying that her fans are not in the mainstream, are not bland cornflakes. To the mainstream, they are rejects. Tori does not consider them rejects herself! Calling Tori a 'superbitch' is about the most ridulous thing I have ever seen a publication do. IMHO they owe her an apology.

Toriphiles Respond To This Article

Here are a select number of the responses to this sad piece of journalism that fans have sent back to the newspaper:

From D. James Bell

Here's my reply to the Daily Mirror. Please forgive my use of the word "fan" since I felt compelled to use non-Tori-ented English for sake of journalistic clarity:

Dear Editors,

I believe Matthew misunderstood Ms. Amos calling her fans "rejects" and the atmoshpere surrounding her using such a term.

Ms. Amos is quite aware of the certain following that she attracts, particularly those of a highly intellectual, somewhat introverted ature as well as those whose lifstyles do not conform to traditional Wetern values. It is these people (myself included) that have found a connection to her music and philosophies.

Ms. Amos has nothing but the utmost respect toward her fans, whom she now calls Ears with Feet, a term only we so-called nerds and rejects can decipher properly. In my opinion, she and her following are reclaiming the word "reject" and "nerd" in the same way angst-ridden, leather-clad youths reclaimed the word "punk" in the late 70's. It is only a sign of a subculture the seeks its own identity from that of the status quo.

For example, in the American press she dubbed herself "Queen of the Nerds". Even during her recent highly successful world tour, Ms. Amos often referred to herself as a nerd, a term usually understood as an insult.

I do understand that the intent of Matthew's blurb was meant as a harsh critique of Ms. Amos using a phrase that in usual day-to-day circumstances would be considered derogatory. Unfortunately, by misquoting the Radio 1 interview and calling her "superbitch" in defense of her fans he insulted her. In turn, Matthew insulted Ms. Amos' fans as well.

I do not ask for an apology. Rather, I request that your writers exercise more care in their research and reporting, things good journalists should do, unless "superbitch" was meant as a term of endearment, which I doubt.

From Charles W. Poole

How many letters and e-mails have you gotten on this one? Lots I would assume and hope. Please allow me to add one more.

Either you have never met Tori or your lack of understanding about her and what she's about is completely missing. Tori has an incredibly deep respect for her fans. She shows that respect in many ways and her fans respond with unshakable devotion. How many other musicians of Tori's caliber take the time to actually speak, pose for pics, give autographs to their fans both before and after her concerts. I've seen her so tired she looked like she was going to fall down but still stopped to meet people. Why? Simply because she cares and it shows.

Remember that Tori was a reject too; at a very young age getting kicked out of the prestigious Peabody school. She also didn't fit because she was gifted. It's hard to fit in when you stand out so far. So her term "reject" was said with love and affection.

Having met Tori a number of times I can't imagine her having an arrogant bone in her body. Her deep compassion for the plight of all of us stands out strongly; even through the anger reflected in some of her songs. If you've missed seeing her very human side please try again.

In my opinion you owe Tori and her "rejects" a heartfelt apology.

From Amanda Cavazos

In response to reading excerpts from a follow up article on Tori Amos and her great and sincere respect for her fans, I believe you have made a grave mistake, sir.

****************Your own version of journalism************************
Singer Tori Amos has turned superbitch-branding her own fans nerds. Tori, at number 2 with professional widow, moaned "I have a big internet crew at my concerts. they are rejects who have never been to college."

This quote that has been terribly exaggerated due to your lack of talent and human nature. This was in no way meant to be an insult towards any of Tori Amos' fans (or to be paraphrased in such a way), and to claim it as such only revives my on going negative opinions of people unfortunate enough to be in your profession. I find the above statement especially unbelievable simply because if you had actually sat down with Ms. Amos in a professional interview setting, the above misconception would not have entered your mind. Obviously, you were only out to target Ms. Amos, by continuing to lower your self enough to seek out even a single word to portray the people you interview in a negative light. I suppose this is due to the fact that tabloid "journalists" are deliberately trained to seek and destroy good natured people who happen to be in the limelight. Although I do not know you personally, I might be able to assume that you carry a pretty decent salary for the kind of misrepresentations that you create. How embarrassing it must be for you to visit the bank with that type of living.

From Romain Godbout

Obviously, you have never met Tori and you don't know her at all. You have misquoted her and you do not seem to understand when she talks; English is not my mother tongue but I did understand exactly what she met when she used the word ¨rejects¨ in the context of her comment on remixes. I have met Tori twice and seen her in company of her fans : she is the most generous, caring and respectful pop/rock singer around, she is still very humble and accessible, and she appreciates all of her fans, wether they are 14, 25 or 46 and wether they are nerds, drop-outs, abused women/men or executives. But her fans do follow her because she is a very intelligent women, true to herself, a wonderful poet and a remarquable healer. Obviously you have a problem with the fact that she is not mainstream. Maybe covering the Royal Family World Farce would be more in line with your newspaper style.

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