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Q Awards 2002
UK Daily Mirror
October 22, 2002

Updated Nov 4, 2002

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The Q Awards were broadcast in the U.K. on Channel 4 on Tuesday, October 22, 2002, although the ceremony itself took place a day before on October 21, 2002. Tori was shown presenting Tom Jones with the Lifetime Achievement award. Look below for some photos from the event and a transcript of what Tori said when she presented Tom's award. There was also a photo and small article in the October 22, 2002 edition of the UK Daily Mirror in the '3am' gossip pages where they basically made fun of Tori's outfit. You can also see that below.

Thanks to Nina Miller, Lucy, and Darrell and Kathy for sending me the Mirror article. Thanks also to Laura Elizabeth Wisdom.


Here are some photos from the Q Awards. The first one on the left is from (Photographer: Richard Young) and was sent to me by Jason and the one on the right is from the Oct 22, 2002 UK Daily Mirror newspaper and was scanned for me by Felicity Edwards. The third photo on the bottom comes from the Q Awards web site and was sent to me by Lucy. Click on the first two to see them larger. Below the first three I have some screen shots sent to me by Ian.

Click to see larger.

Screen shots from the Q Awards telecast from Ian. Click to see larger.

What Tori said when she presented the award (Thanks rainne laffety):

"hello there. when i first heard about this man i was a little girl and the women in church said he was the devil, or he had the devil in his trousers. then when i was older i was able to sing with his voice, but i've never been able to shake his hand. lets see him in action. [plays clips of tom jones] the award goes to tom jones."

Here is the article from the UK Daily Mirror:


ODD BALL: Tori wore a dress resembling a shower curtain at the awards

FULL marks for individuality go to loony songstress Tori Amos who arrived at the event wearing what can only be described as a shower curtain. The red-headed Cornflake Girl presented Tom Jones with his award and before going in for dinner she exclusively revealed to 3am: "Tom and I were both due to be working on a track together, but due to schedules we couldn't be in the same place at the same time.

"We ended up recording our parts separately, but I haven't seen Tom since I laid down those vocals.

"I'm going to try and hunt him down later."

Lucky old Tom.

Louise Jury

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