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Radio stations KINK FM 102 and Rosey 105 in Portland, OR
December 11, 2002

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On the day Tori was in Portland, OR during her On Scarlet's Walk tour, she did private performances for 2 different radio stations in Portland. They were KINK FM 102 and Rosey 105. These are sister stations and operate out of the same building. Tori performed live for KINK 102's performance lounge at 1:00PM, which was broadcast on KINK 102. At around 3:00PM, Tori did another performance in the same location for Rosey 105. That one was not broadcast on the radio.

You can find photos of Tori from the KINK 102 Performane Lounge at Look below for photos from Rosey 105. (Thanks to Heather Mayes for the KINK 102 link.)

Here are details on both performances from Lisa McAllister:

Here's the scoop

For KINK 102 Tori played

a sorta fairytale

-she talked A LOT and told a few stories, I wasn't there, but I got it on tape over the radio.

For Rosey 105 (which was not broadcast) Tori played

a sorta fairytale

-I was there!! She didn't talk much, but she did greet every person and signed multiple items and took pictures as well. As we were waiting to go in, she sound checked the first verse and chorus of Carbon. After Crazy she said there was a sound resonating and she did some beautiful singing and playing to fix the problem. I thought she was going into another song, then she said "split the difference" so we knew she was still fixing stuff. Before Carbon she said something like "you and me, you and she, sometimes she comes to me·"

I am sending you a couple pictures, you can do what you want with them.

Photo of Tori with Lisa McAllister at the Rosey 105 performance. Click to see larger.

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