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The Plain Dealer
November 1, 2002

Added November 22, 2002

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Read an article/interview that appeared in the November 1, 2002 edition of The Plain Dealer newspaper in Cleveland, OH. Thanks to Lucy who sent it to me.

Tori's "Walk"

Tori Amos doesn't like to refer to her new "Scarlet's Walk" (Epic) as a concept album. "I like to say story," says the idiosyncratic singer-songwriter-keyboardist.

Amos' "story" is drawn from the events of Sept. 11 and its aftermath, when she toured the United States and tapped into the mood of her audiences and others she met along the way. She responded with a song cycle that portrays America in human rather than inanimate terms.

"It's about real events - really about a woman's search for what she believes in, and for the soul of what America is," Amos says.

"Who is this being, really - not this thing that's being pimped out by our leaders, but America.

"People were seeming to look at 'America,' not as an object but as a being, almost, a friend, that kind of thing.

"This is nothing new to many cultures, but to America it was. It's always, 'We are Americans,' but what about her, she who is our land? She's been here a lot longer than we have."

Gary Graff

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