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Added October 20, 2000

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The Pimps are a rock band who had a song on the Mission Impossible 2 Soundtrack (which also included Tori's "Carnival".) You can find out more about the band at

It turns out that the band has covered 2 Tori songs. They are Professional Widow and iieee and they both appear on an album with the title, "Wouldn't It Be Great To Have All These Songs On One Album." The 22-song CD consists of mainly covers, along with 7 original songs. (You can see the album cover to the right.) The album can be ordered at The Pimps web site (check the Merchandise section) and was released on Countdown Records. (I am not sure what year they were recorded, but I would imagine quite recently.)

I found these covers to be "interesting" to say the least! There has been some discussion of them on the Dent forum and you can find those threads here and here.

You can download an MP3 of the "Professional Widow" cover here.

You can download an MP3 of the "iieee" cover here.

Thanks to Dangermouse for posting links to these Mp3s on the Dent forum. Thanks to Mark Weidman, JohnB and LINH for telling me about these covers.

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