New release from DJ Paul Oakenfold includes new remix of Salt Tank's
"Eugina", which samples from Tori's
"Me and a Gun"

Updated December 20, 2000

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I was browsing the news section of the Yahoo! web site and I found an article about new U.S. music releases posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2000. One of the new releases was an album called "Perfecto Presents Another World" from DJ Paul Oakenfold on the London-Sire label. This album includes a new remix of a song called "Eugina" from Salt Tank. This song originally appeared in 1997 and it samples Tori's "Me and a Gun." (You can read about "Eugina" in more detail here.)

Here is a description/review of the album that appeared in the article. (The source was Rolling Stone Magazine):

    Paul Oakenfold Perfecto Presents Another World (London-Sire)

    Any computer can splice together a dance-mix compilation. The challenge for DJs is to create a montage of music that actually says something and still puts bodies in motion. A veteran label boss, remixer, rock producer and superstar DJ, England's Paul Oakenfold can coax the likes of Dead Can Dance, Vangelis and Tim Buckley onto the dance floor without resorting to gimmickry. With unexpected juxtapositions learned from hip-hop and a sense of spiritual release gleaned from underground disco, Oakenfold steers the ultra-European, classical-minded pulse of trance toward syncopated rhythms, drum-free interludes and actual songs. Robert Plant's thirty-year-old vocals swim through Quiver's watery reinvention of Led Zeppelin's "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You," while club favorites like Salt Tank's Tori Amos-sampling "Eugina" get dreamy new mixes. Bigger than the two-and-a-half-hour sum of its substantial parts, Another World takes you to a spectral sphere where New Age talks to old rock via the universal language of soothing, steady, stimulating beats. (WALTERS -- RS 851)

On December 20, 2000, I was sent the following information about these new remixes from Steve Fulker:

    Just thought I would mention after you pointed out that new mixes of Eugina by Salt Tank had been done. They were actually released in the UK a few weeks back as a remix single and entered at 56, spending just one week around. I never saw it for sale and there was no airplay or promotion so thats actually pretty good.

Here is more about this release from Toriphile Alan Denniberg:

    salt tank's "eugina" (the trance track that samples "me and a gun" appears on paul oakenfold's new mix double-CD (released october 3rd) called "perfecto presents another world." it's a different mix - the track is fully entitled "eugina 2000 (progressive summer mix)" - but tori's voice is in there. for anyone who likes electronica this mix is exceptional (it also has a really interesting trance remix of led zeppelin's "babe i'm gonna leave you" [the irony of tori w/ led zeppelin in bizarre forms on the same mix is quite funny eh?] in addition to a two dead can dance and one lisa gerrard track, which are beautiful). and tori's on it, yay!

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