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Musik Nu on Danish TV2 Zulu
October 21, 2002

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Tori appeared on the program Music Nu on Danish TV Channel TV2 Zulu on October 21, 2002. Many thanks to Thomas Lauritsen and Ingeborg for telling me about this and providing a transcript of the show along with Tori's comments below. They also showed parts of the a sorta fairytale video. The Tori segment lasted about 4 and a half minutes and consisted of a presenter talking about Tori and segments of Tori telling about Scarlet's Walk and in between they played excepts from the Sorta Fairytale video.

Presenter: Tori Amos sings quite openly about her life. The song Me And A Gun from her breakthrough album from 1992 is about when she was raped by a fan and on From The Choirgirl Hotel from 1999 there are many references to the miscarriage she suffered shortly before.

Tori: To me the song are alive. They are creatures, they are living. They may not have flesh like you and I have but they are very much alive to me, so -- they're real to me. I have relationships with all of them.

Presenter: Today, Tori has become a mother and then she is ready with a new album, Scarlet's Walk. A record build like a musical short story.

Tori: My thought and feelings are all put into Scarlet, this character who is taking this road trip, so the way I see things, the way that, I guess, my perspective in life is put through her character and then I kinda think now that Scarlet is affecting me. Right now there is a strange trade-off that's happening where Scarlet is starting to take over my life

Tori: To me songwriting can be like having a hallucinogen. It's a trip without leaving my piano stool. It's Alice In Wonderland. It's going to worlds but emotional internal worlds. The songs show me what's really going on, I think, around me. Sometimes when I don't wanna be honest, course is hurts too much to really see that something is falling apart and that I gonna make changes -- or not. And if I don't, you know it's grabbing you by the throat anyway, so the songs -- It is like a looking glass.

Presenter: Even though Tori Amos is extreme open in her music, she is very conscious about the consequences.

Tori: I thinks thing gets dissected and maybe misinterpreted and there are times when I just don't respond and I talk in riddles, maybe, to some people because I too got sometimes called a life that I have to protect, so I guess, right now, Scarlet is a way for me to express something that I needed to express and I wanted to write a story. I thought it was time that I wrote a sonic story so it all played out together.

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