Tori on MTV Video Music Awards
September 10, 1998

Tori was a presenter on the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards. She appeared on stage with Beck to present the award for Best Rap Video. You can see photos and read a transcript from the appearance below. During the awards show, they also played a commercial for a new MTV show called Revue and one of the artists they briefly showed in the commercial was Tori. They describe the show as featuring a "musician, a microphone, and a revealing look into their life." The show begins on October 14th though it is not clear when Tori will appear on it. You can see that photo below as well.

Here is a transcript of what Tori and Beck said when they presented the award. Tori seemed alternatively amused and bored. She did complain during a concert in Vancouver the day before that she did not really like award shows.

They came on stage walking arm in arm. When they reach the podium Beck says,

Beck: I am so excited to be here. I'm so hyped up about presenting this award I feel like having sex with a drum machine.

Tori: I've never had sex with a drum machine machine, Beck, what's that like?

Beck then does some goofy dancing that does bring an amused look to Tori's face. Tori then looks at her hand and then says in a very mechanical, reading off her hand voice:

Tori: Okay...Boy...that is some roller-skating, pop-locking, shit (which they of course bleeped.)

Beck: Word up. All right, now the nominees.

They show video clips of the nominees and when the camera returns to Tori and Beck:

Beck: Oh Yeah, and the winner is...

Tori: Will Smith getting jiggy with it.

Will Smith and his son reach the stage. Will shakes Beck's hand and kisses Tori on the cheek.

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Here are some comments on this appearance made by Toriphile Cynthia Glass on the RDTRN & Precious-Things mailing lists:

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