Tori On MTV News 1515
May 1, 1998

Tori was featured on the MTV News 1515 show in the United States. It first aired on Friday, May 1, 1998 at 7:30PM ET. The show was repeated twice on Saturday, May 2, and twice again on Sunday, May 3. MTV News' John Norris sat down with Tori and four fans (Melissa, Walker, Saroa, and James) in a hotel room and asked Tori a series of questions. Below you can find some screen shots from the show. They included sound clips from the new album and showed a few live shots of Tori playing at the Irving Plaza in New York on April 23, 1998. The segment lasted about 8-10 minutes. They showed Tori meeting the fans, answering their questions, and then hugging them goodbye. You can read the entire interview, including the parts that did not air on MTV News 1515, on the a special Tori Amos Feature on the MTV Web Site.

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