Tori On MTV 120 Minutes
January 21, 1996

She was interviewed by Matt Pinfield and sang Doughnut Song on January 21, 1996. On January 28, 1996, MTV 120 Minutes showed her performing Horses, which was obviously taped at the same time. We also know she recorded Putting The Damage On, but I am not sure if that ever aired. There are reports that she also performed Hey Jupiter and Mohammad My Friend, but I have no confirmation of this. The photos here are from the interview and her 'Doughnut Song' Performance.

As of May 8, 2001, you could find Real video clips at of Tori singing Doughnut Song, Horses, and Putting The Damage from MTV 120 Minutes,

m12015 m12018 m12025 m12026 m1205 m1206 dough26 dough28 dough3 dough31 dough35 dough7

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