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The Morning Show on BBC1 (U.K.)
January 16, 2003

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Tori appeared on 'The Morning Show' on BBC1 TV in the U.K. on Thursday morning, January 16, 2003. Tori did not perform live, but was simply interviewed. They did show a 30 second part of the a sorta fairytale video. Look below for some screen captures from the show, and some commentary from fans who saw it, including a rough transcript!


Many thanks to Jappy (Ian) for making these screen captures for the Dent!



From Jo From Leeds:

Jo sent in a rough transcript of Tori's interview. I am not sure if this is complete, but Jo acknowledges that it might not be perfect since she did wrote it quickly while Tori was actually on the show.

Host: You live in cornwall, would you tackle a burgler? (they were talking about burglery before she came on)

Tori: I would worry more in big cities

Host: But you live in a village in Cornwall

Tori: Its not just a village, its in the sticks. the scary thing is, I'm a mother, and not from here so i don't feel as safe here as at home - but i would do anything to protect my daughter

Host: Why cornwall?

Tori: My husband was a Northern Lad - he went there on holiday as a child (she said something like "at 80 years old in the garden, will you marry me and not just for a greencard)

Host: And you're touring, tonight you play london?

Tori: Its strange coming to Europe because my album is about America - Its as if she a faded porn star, America, and My character Scarlet is going to help her

Host: you are quirky, what type of people come to your concerts?

Tori: all kinds of people - you have to be open minded, A daughter could come with her mother and the daughter knows what you are going to say. When crucify comes on the mother blushes. I'm not there to play Mommy. My mother doesn't blush at my lyrics

From Tessa:

Just watched the BBC1 Morning Show. I think this is *new* news:

Male anchor: "So you'll be touring awhile?"

Tori: "We'll be touring til about August"

Sweet interview. Male anchor was very taken with Tori. They began by tying in to a breaking news story of a homeowner killing an intruder, asking Tori how she would deal with an intruder. Her reply had to do with Tash and that Tori is a mother lion and will do anything, ANYTHING (said with emphasis the second time by T) to protect her cub. They spoke of her living in Cornwall & why: For Mark, her feeling like a visitor living here in the UK (Boy, do I know what thet feels like!), Then about the video - showing a brief clip - Tori loved the idea of a foot falling in love with a hand, about her shows - Mothers bringing their teen daughters and how some Moms walk out during Crucify or the like, how her music has changed - can't remain that angry woman, things get delt with, new stuff to talk about now in her music. Then the talk about her touring til about August.

That's about it. No screen shots, sorry. T wore jeans and a long sleeve white top.

From Jappy (Ian):

Jappy is commenting in part on the screen shots he made above.

The "yes/no" ... barometer in the corner of some of the pics refers to the voting of the day's phone-in question "would you tackle a burglar in your house?" (or something like that!)

It was an enjoyable interview, Tori talked about Cornwall, crime and the lengths she would go to protect her child, "appendages and love" and the current tour. They showed a 30 second clip of the "Fairytale" video. Alas, no live performance!

From Greg Jamieson:

Just watched the Tori segment on the program, she was on about 10 minutes talking mainly about living in Cornwall as well as being a mother. the most interesting part was what she said about the tour, asked if the tour carries on for a while, Tori replied 'where're out till about August!!!!!!!!!'

Just thought I'd mention it.

Out until August!!!! I hope she comes back to the UK!!!

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