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The Morning Call
November 21, 2002

Added January 4, 2003

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Lucy sent me this review of Tori's November 15, 2002 concert in Camden, NJ from the November 21, 2002 edition of The Morning Call, a newspaper in Allentown, PA.

Tori Amos holds fans close in Camden

Last Friday night, seven rows from the stage of Camden, N.J.s, spacious Tweeter Center at the Waterfront, the parents of Myra Ellen Amos sat quietly.

Their 39-year-old daughter, known to her fans as Tori, has given them many occasions to be proud, including the time she was a 7-year-old prodigy performing with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and when in 2000 she gave birth to a daughter, Natashya Lorien, and made them grandparents.

Although the couple tried to blend into the crowd, a few fans shyly approached them for autographs. Tori Amos is much like her parents. She could blend into any crowd until she opens her mouth, that is.

Unlike many ostentatious rock stars who hide behind bootylicious images contrived by publicists, Amos comes without pretension.

Her stark lyrics, orchestrated melodies and sweet-sounding vocals are like no other. And like the sun setting off the red rocks in Sedona, Ariz., the background lighting of fall hues plum, brown, yellow and russet illuminated the live performance of Amos sonic novel, Scarlets Walk (Epic).

Dressed like a princess in a peach Victorian dress, Amos began with Wampum Prayer, immediately taking to the red piano and black baby grand that would dominate the evening.

She sang with passion and beauty beneath a big red Roadside Cafe sign, and to be sure, Amos did a brisk business, even if the menu items were mellower than on previous occasions.

And while the Scarlets Walk material is more about love and resolve than the rage and pain, Amos worked in a few old favorites, including Doughnut Song and Crucify, and even a B-side, Sugar.

Heck, there also was a dash humor, when she sang the kiddie song, The Wheels on the Bus.

If Amos was worried that a large venue might compromise the bond between performer and fan, she neednt have. Somehow she managed to create yet another magical experience.

Carrie Schulman

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