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Note from Mikewhy: Here is a sound clip that features Tori saying the words you see below. This is very touching and special, and I urge you all to hear it!

Wave Clip Of Tori Saying Goodbye To Us On The Web Toward The End Of Her 1996 Dew Drop Inn Tour. (1020K)


T - Tori
S - Scott (our dad)

S - Can you... Can you talk into this, say something... Hi?

T - Yes, I absolutely can.

S - O.K.

T - Who am I saying hi too?

S - To everybody on the web. It's going to get embedded.

T - I want to say hi to everybody on the web... we're winding down the tour, and it's kinda really sad, and I'll be gone for two years, but just... know that you've really sometimes made me feel good when things have been really bad (sobbing), and just know that I really respect you, not as... I hate the word fans, I... I'd like to call you ears with feet, and never use the word fan again because your ears with feet.

S - Thank You

T - Thanks

The rumble you hear in the background is her bus.

Thanks Mike for the suggestion of a transcript - Molly :)

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