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Mix 98.5 "Lounge" in Boston
November 19, 2002

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Tori performed for the Mix 98.5 "Lounge" in Boston, MA on November 19, 2002. Radio station Mix 98.5 in Boston recorded it earlier in the afternoon and then broadcast it on the radio around 5:00PM that same day. When Tori was there, she performed the following songs live:

a sorta fairytale

Strange was cut when they play this on the radio. Here are some descriptions of the show from a couple of people who were there, and the from someone who heard it later on the radio.

From Andrea:

Tori performed in the Mix 98.5 Lounge in Boston on Tuesday. It was an amazing show though she only sang three songs. Crazy, A Sorta Fairytale and Strange. I think they cut out Strange when they played it on the radio at 5pm.

The security was really tight. They wouldn't allow any cameras and they told us before hand that she wouldn't be signing anything and if they saw CD's or posters they would take them away. After the show she left right away and hey made us sit in the radio station until she was gone. I was pretty surprised.

From Lisa (marygirl):

I was able to see Tori at the Mix 98.5 "Lounge" in Boston today. Unfortunately, due to time constraints she wouldn't sign anything and didn't even stick around to say hi to the people that were there. She did chat with the dj for a bit and and played: Crazy, A Sorta Fairytale, and Strange. It was really amazing to hear these songs without the band. When the dj asked about her being a mom she said 'it's something new every morning. One of her (Tash) latest things that came out at the New York show backstage with all of these industry people she'd say (cute little british accent) "You have no hair" or "Your hair is messy." She had the little bosey with her and was wearing a long jean skirt and a white/striped button down shirt with a dark red jean/corduroy (couldn't tell which) jacket/shirt. They told us this would be broadcast at 5pm today.

From orchidlily:

Tori just came on the Mix Lounge. Craig Daniels is telling her she has the most amazing fans. One fan wanted him to ask her a question who did she cheat off in the 9th grade in history class? Tori answers Beth Wilkins. (Beth from her high school class is in the Mix Lounge - she won tickets.)

Now she is playing Crazy solo. It is a slowed down version and is SO pretty :-)

Now Craig is asking how is motherhood? She says it's amazing she doesn't know what Tash will come up with next. Tash said to someone on the stairwell - "You have no hat! Your hair is messy and you have no hat!" She's laughing.

He asks about her husband and she says something like she's always been monogomos "until she's not." She says she was on stage one day and realized the sound was extra good and she noticed a very nice pair of calves... She asked John who is that?and he said that's your new sound man. She said she & Mark have to negotiate alot about where they live b/c they visit here but he has to have British football, etc.

Now she is playing A Sorta Fairy Tale solo. :-)

Craig Daniels is talking about her new CD and mentioned RAINN.

That was it - it was much shorter than I expected.

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