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Radio station Mix 106.5
San Jose, CA
December 21, 2002

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Radio station Mix 106.5 in San Jose, CA had a contest where the winners had brunch with Tori on Saturday, December 21, 2002 and enjoyed a private performance at the Agenda Lounge. Tori performed the following songs alone at the piano:

a sorta fairytale
Little Drummer Boy

Here is a report on the event from Skeeter, who was there:

the event was held at a small night club in san jose, "the agenda lounge". there were about 30 people in attendance. when we arrived, there was food set up in the downstairs portion of the lounge - tori was not present. she was upstairs doing a sound check. a guy came out, and told us we'd be going up soon, but first there were some rules:

no photos - whatsoever;
no signatures;
no meet and greets; and
we had to remain in our seats after she left.

yes, it was pretty rigid. he said it wasn't their (radio station) rules, but tori's.

so then we all head upstairs, the piano was in a corner, and tables were set in front. tori was not in the room yet, but joel was [who, incidentally, looked very tense and mad]. then the host said [not verbatim] "if i can have everyone's attention up front, [tori was entering from the back] i'd like to introduce tori amos". so the audiences starts cheering, and tori comes out, walking so fast, you'd think the building was on fire. although she didnt say a word, or acknowledge the crowd, i was still speechless as she walked right by me :)!

she sat in her stool, and the host welcomed her, and she immediately starting singing "crazy", which was a pretty good solo rendition. tori seemed very nervous, and unsettled, she kept tugging at the back of her shirt, and fidgeting w/ her hands. then she started talking to the sound guy, and all i heard was "its not going to be that way for the show, is it? are you sure?" then she said to the host, "sorry to be such a sore, but i kind of have to be" then began a little interview w/ the host, he mentioned that his newborn baby is comforted by toris older music, and falls asleep, and he thanked her for that ( i guess it was a joke..) tori did not look amused, she said "great, if you an insomniac, come to the show tonight". then he asked if she'd come and baby sit, and she said, "i dont cook or clean, but i can bring my chef and house cleaner..." then she went into ASF, which sounded great. then the host asked if it was ok if the audience could ask some questions, to which tori replied "sure, i'd love to! [she seemed genuinely eager at this point]. so then my sister raised her hand, and said "hi tori, well, its not really a question, more of a request..., could you please play little drummer boy, its my favorite x-mas song", and tori said "oh really?, hmm, do you have the lyrics? i dont know them, hey chelsea, do you have the lyrics back there? oh well, we'll fudge it." she went into a beautiful version of this song, and was getting more into it as she played. after that, the host asked how natasha was liking christmas, and tori said that she's at the age now where she understands that you get gifts, and that "if you're a brat, you dont get any!" and she referenced the movie "Babe": "you know that movie, babe, where the little girl gets a dollhouse, and the little girl doesnt like it, well, I freeze that frame and tell her "you see that girl, that girl, that girl right there, she doesnt get anymore presents, ever!" and tash said "how do you know" and T said " cause i made sure of it!" -- it was really cute. then some one held up kevins book, face foward, and showed tori the pic of her in the native indian garb, and asked "was this a spiritual event for you?" and tori said "absolutely", and she began to speak of kevin. not sure what all was said, but she here are the main points: "kevin could do my make-up in 5 minutes, w/ his eyes closed, that's not what its about. that was his gift. the thing about kevin, was that he would find the one thing in you that shines, and bring that out in photos, so that people would say, "oh look at her, i like her" whereas an hour ago, you'd feel differently. let me tell you, i've been around some of the people he's done, and they are not pretty on the inside, but kevin would bring out that special something in them... i call them closet cruella devilles! size 6 cruella devilles. i wont mention names, so lets move on..!" it was really touching what she said about kevin, she went into more detail, but cant remember. then another audience member asked how she relaxed, and tori said "well, i'm a hermit, i love being at home. i have lots of books, and stay locked up, that's what i like to do" then another asked, who has been the most influential person in your life, and tori said "you know, that changes all the time. there are days when someone can say something negative to you and you can let it slide, or roll off, but then there's that day, that one day when everything is going wrong, and and that comment, that negative comment can be said, and it can break the camel's back- you know you're commuting from england to the US, and you've got all this stuff going on, and that comment just sends you over the edge, and then, right then, the flight attendant brings you your tea. and that right there, keeps you together, keeps you from losing it, and gives you the energy to go on, to do the leno and letterman shows. that attendant, w/out even knowing it, has had a huge impact on your life. never underestimate the effect anyone one person, whether you know them personally or not, could have on you." the host then asked her, if it was 1981, what would she be playing in her car, and tori said "first off, it would be a 1978 blue mustang, with powder blue bucket leather seats, playing "Rock Lobster". then the host asked, what about today? tori said, "the flamming lips". the host then requested winter, and she said "ok, since you're a new daddy, and the song is about a girl and her father" and went into winter. which was amazing. and w/out a word waved bye to the host, and bye to the audience, and left very quickly. we had to stay in our seats, til she was gone, which was a bummer cause i had a gift i wanted to give her. the host then dismissed us. i was able to give the gift to someone in tori's camp. who said they'd pass it on to her. i was a little doubtful that she'd get it. BUT, i know for a fact she got it becasue she wore part of it on stage at the last show! she had it braided in her hair!

well that was the gest of what happened. it was about an hour long, and tori seemed tense and uncomfortable at first, but eased into it. it was a great experience to be in such an intimate environment w/ just her and the piano.

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