Metro Times Detroit
April 8, 1998

Added April 10, 1997

dki, the smiley one tells me that the Wed, April 8, 1998 edition of The Metro Times in Detroit reported on the people standing in line for club tour tickets at St. Andrews during the weekend of April 4th. The report was in the "fly on the wall" section by Casey Coston.


Stepping out of the show [at the Shelter on Friday], I was alarmed to notice the queue of earnest Tori Amos fans encircling the building like so much wayward ivy. The devotees of the ingenue corn flake girl (note from dki: they spelled it with two words. love that research!) were lining up early in hopes of securing tix for the April 29 show at St. Andrew's Hall, which went on sale Saturday morning. The promoters had instituted a super-special voucher/wristband system to guard against evil scalpers, and fans were allowed to purchase just two tickets only.

Some people might wonder about the safety of a bunch of teenagers camping out in downtown Detroit with nothing but cash in their pockets, but everyone seemed to be having a decent time, huddling in sleeping bags, singing songs, making s'mores and such. I'd be more concerned about their collective sanity, as it was freezing out there.

It was also a bit disgusting, as the line crept around to the dumpster in back, where people were setting down blankets and sleeping bags near some questionable puddles of standing water. At the top of the line, I ran into Ryan Brooks, Deming Spounias, Erin Halligan and Maggie Prior, who were occupying the second through fifth spots, behind No. 1, who had a comfy little tent set up, but was nowhere to be found. If he was smart, he was probably next door in Steve's Place getting a hot toddy for the long cold night ahead.

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