Lyrics to "Me & You"

Updated December 27, 2000

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Below you will find the "guessed" lyrics to the song "Me & You". The song has not been officially released yet, and the versions floating around on the net are rather low quality in nature, and so deciphering the lyrics is a challenge. Below you can find guesses that have been sent to the Dent so far. I have received many comments that the lyrics listed below are not accurate. While that may be the case, I think we will need to wait until we get a higher quality of the song to hear before we can know for sure. Right now I consider all guesses to be equally valid for the most part.

"Me & You" is a song featured at the end of the movie "Hand Of Fate". It was written by Eric Rosse, with lyrics and vocals by Tori Amos. It was recorded in September 1998. It will appear on the Hand Of Fate soundtrack which is due sometime in 2001. Find out more about this movie and soundtrack on the Dent's Hand Of Fate Page.

Audrey who runs the incredible web site informs me that she has added the song "Me & You" to the Diagnosed Sounds section of her web site. For now this song is unreleased, but you can hear it in MP3 format courtesy of! A Special thanks to Cheryl Pike, who was kind enough to tape the song that became the MP3.

You can see some guessed lyrics to this song at as well. Click here to see them!

Guessed lyrics from Melanie:

    (the first part is too low to make out)

    why can't you take care of me
    you turn through the scene (?)
    facing you / face you

    right in circles, right in circles
    me and you
    right in circles, right in circles
    you and me

    hiding my burns/birds (?) here
    a long way down do you see (?)
    only sweet with you
    only soft with you

    right in circles, right in circles with you
    can't ... miss you
    I can't miss you
    and you tell me, ask me
    taking us down, taking us down
    and I tell you, build you
    ... I'll take (?) him today
    take you myself

    right in circles, right in circles
    we do (or we two?) ... never
    right in circles, right in circles
    with you

    only ?, only sweet ?
    only sweet of you
    I know you
    finally you, finally you
    finally here with you, in all your glory
    you're here, daddy
    I'm here, safe
    ... (this part is too low, and too fast to hear)

    right in circles, right in circles with you
    I'm going right in circles
    and I go toward me (?)
    only sweet, this...

Guessed lyrics from Liz:

    i figured out a little piece of the lyrics for the song 'me & you,' a little piece that i think melanie missed. on my mp3, these start at 1:44, and end about 2:15.

    put on my make up
    hiding my plastic
    put on make up
    so you can see
    underneath the weight of it
    underneath it all
    i see you here

    then it just goes into the 'right in circles' part.

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