Maverick Recording Co. Press Release
April 1999

Added May 12, 1999

The following is a Maverick Recording Co. press release about the online promotion they are doing in conjunction with the Alanis/Tori summer tour sponsored by and Best Buy. It only casually mentions Tori but is still interesting to read. This was posted on the Alanis section of the Maverick web site in late April or early May 1999. It is interesting to see the spin Maverick puts on this since as a record company it is likely they have little love for! Although it is not mentioned in the press release, Tori will also have a new song available on the special web site mentioned below, which we now know is


Maverick Recording Co. and multi-platinum Maverick artist Alanis Morissette are pleased to offer via the Internet, a previously unreleased track recorded by the Grammy-winning artist. A live version of a Morissette song, yet to be chosen, will be made available to fans in a streaming format via the Internet in conjunction with a promotion of the singer's upcoming summer tour sponsored by and Best Buy.

Beginning in the next week or so, fans will be able to log onto a special Internet site currently being set up, to access the song in its entirety. (A link to the site can also be accessed via Maverick's Internet site, The song will be streamed in one or more formats that will be compatible with most major players already installed on the user's computer, but not downloadable to a portable device. Best Buy will actively promote Morissette's music nationwide with particular emphasis on cities visited by the tour. This represents the first time that a major recording artist, a major label, a major retailer, and have joined forces to achieve common goals.

"We are very proud and excited to be involved with this promotion," said Ronnie Dashev, co-partner and Chief Operating Officer at Maverick. "For quite some time, Maverick has been actively exploring new and unique ways to market our artists using online technologies in a manner that is not inconsistent with our strong commitment to maintaining the value of the intellectual property. This venture is a great example of how record companies, artists, and online marketing companies, along with traditional retailers, can work together to accomplish such a goal."

This promotion is being launched in support of Morissette's summer tour with Tori Amos, which is due to kick off August 16 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Maverick and Morissette mutually agreed that this promotion would be a "win-win" situation for everyone concerned, in that it would enhance record sales, ticket sales, and artist awareness. The site will contain online retail links to Best Buy and to, an online retail store operated by Warner Music Group and Sony Music.

"Maverick, and I approached this with an open mind which is what I believe is required whenever there is a shift or an evolution in technology or otherwise," commented Morissette. "I am happy to have the opportunity to connect directly with people who listen to my music and I am excited about the unlimited possibilities the Internet has to offer the artistic community."

This is the second major Internet promotion that Maverick and Morissette have launched, the first being in February when the singer's track, "Your House," was made available using AT&T's a2b music format.

About Maverick Recording Co. Since its inception in 1992, Maverick ( has been in a highly-successful partnership with Warner Bros. Records, Inc. Maverick is known for its creative and innovative campaigns that stress artist development. Company principals include Madonna, Guy Oseary, and Ronnie Dashev; Maverick's roster includes, among other artists, Alanis Morissette, Prodigy, the Deftones, Candlebox, Cleopatra, Jude, and Meshell Ndegeocello.

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