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The "De Rode Loper" Show on VRT1 (Belgium)
November 6, 2002

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Mina Stevens reports that Tori was featured on The "De Rode Loper" Show on TV station VRT1 in Belgium on November 6, 2002. They showed an interview with Tori that they conducted a few weeks earlier from Paris, France. They also showed clips of the a sorta fairytale video as well. Here is a transcript of what Tori said from Mina.

(ASF video)

"Two appendages just fall in love: hand man and leg lady.So the leg, the head, is my character and 'head in hand' is Adrien (Brody).So it's a sorta faiytale - 2 people who are only parts of themselves, but in a world where other appendages stand together.And when they really start getting together and becoming one, then they grow their body parts"

(ASF video)

"How i put a show together...It's very challenging because it's about links and threads, and that's really, um...that must be the subtext of every show"

(ASF video)

"Have you seen the family tree of serial dating? So you get all these actresses, like in People Magazine in America (not that i read People Magazine), but they have these actresses and all the pictures of the men that they've all dated, and then they have pictures of who they dated, and that line's up with an other guy, etc...And you know, they all passed each other juices to each other! And so, with songs it's sort of similar"

(ASF video)

Have you thought about writing really musical?

"Well i'm thinking about it.Um, because my daughter is watching these all the time, all the time...Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music...And i don't know, it's kind of planting the idea.I get these ideas planted in my head"

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