Tori On Late Night With David Letterman
July 27, 1998

On July 27, 1998, Tori appeared on Late Night With David Letterman. She performed a shortened version of Jackie's Strength with her band and even got to talk briefly with Dave at the end of the show. Many people who watched the show have commented that the performance was rather low-energy and that her voice did not sound totally healthy. Tori has been ill lately and that likely contributed to any difficulties she had on this appearance. But I still think she did a great job! As for her shortening the song, that is a common when an artist performs on these late night talk shows. I am sure she shortened the song because of time contraints, and not because of the lyrics.

You can see photos from the performance below.

You can hear RealAudio and MP3 sound clips of Tori's Letterman appearance at the Tori World web site.

Here is a transcript of what Tori and Dave said at the end of the show:

Dave: Yes, sir, you just get better and better and better. What time are you gonna be onstage at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night?

Tori: You know, I don't know what time.

D: Well, pick a time. Like 9?

T: They never tell me. [looks to the audience] What time am I going to be on?

D: 9? 8 o'clock?

T: Oh, they tell me 8.

D: I start at 7...I'll be on at 7. I'll do an hour...I'll do an hour.

T: You promise?

D: Just do music that meant something to me when I was growing up.

T: That's great.

D: Then you come out


D: and blow the roof off the dump.

T: Okay, we'll do it.

D: Sounds like quite a show, don't it?

[Tori laughs]

D: Tori Amos thanks for being here. We got to go. We'll see you tomorrow night. Thanks everybody.

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Andy Miladin had this to say about the appearance: had this to say about the taping:

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