Tori On Regis & Kathy Lee

Tori appeared on Regis and Kathy Lee for the second time this year on May 14, 1996. She played Hey Jupiter on the harmonium. Afterwards there was a brief conversation with the always slightly irritating Regis and Kathy Lee. Tori did appear a little uncomfortable talking to them. One had to wonder what these two would do if Tori began talking about the meaning behind Icicle or something :)

Tori talked about touring by bus. She says, "We have a chef and a masseuse; I'm not complaining." In explaining the masseuse she states, "I've been twisting like pretzel since I was 2 and a half. So I feel like I should have access to geriatric wards.." She then talked a little about her pump organ or harmonium that she played Hey Jupiter on. It is about a hundred years old from Liverpool and was redone by a friend of hers. It is like a bag pipe because it works on wind. Regis then told the audience that her album was The Boys From Pele :( and all was over.

Here are some shots from the show:

Lee3 pic Lee6 pic Lee7 pic Lee8 pic Lee5 pic

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