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The Leader-Post
November 2, 2002

Added November 27, 2002

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A review of Scarlet's Walk appeared in the November 2, 2002 edition of the Leader-Post. While I am not sure, I think this is the Regina Leader-Post in Canada. Thanks to Lucy for the article.

Tori Amos

Rating two (out of five)

The thing about Tori Amos records is that they're mostly just for Tori Amos fans. You either get it and like it ... or you don't.

Tori purists and fairy-pop disciples shan't be disappointed with Scarlet's Walk, but it isn't particularly uplifting or essential listening, particularly if you already own one or two Amos CDs.

"Heard one, heard 'em all" sounds like a mean-spirited cliche, but when applied to this record, nothing could be closer to the truth.

Amos is sometimes more of a sound than an artist, and Scarlet's Walk is often that "sound" more than it is a collection of songs, despite a lyrical perspective that often evokes visions of a little girl who could easily spend hour upon hour alone in her room enjoying imaginary friends or battling monsters under her bed.

"Pancake," "Mrs. Jesus," "A Sorta Fairytale" and "Taxi Ride" have an airiness about them that allows users to either listen intently or let the sounds roll off their backs.

Amos has a beautiful voice -- she always did, even in her hard-rockin' Eighties days with Y Kant Tori Read -- and she tinkles the ivories as if she and her beloved Bosendorfer are one.

Yet each new album -- and there are seven in all -- are best enjoyed in small doses.

Gerry Krochak

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