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October 28, 2001

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Slaigan2 and Woj were the first to tell me about this small article in the Calendar section of the October 28, 2001 edition of the L.A. Times. The article states that Tori is "near an agreement with Epic Records" and will possibly leave Atlantic. The article also confirms that Tori "tentatively plans to release an album of original songs sometime next year." Read the article at the LA Times web site or below. Thanks to the many Toriphiles who emailed me to confirm the existence of this article.

AMOS AMBLING? Tori Amos' "Strange Little Girls" came out just a few weeks ago, but the distinctive singer-songwriter is close to leaving Atlantic Records, which released that album and all her previous work, for a new deal. With her Atlantic contract expiring with "Girls," she is near an agreement with Epic Records.

"We're getting close, but the [new] contract is not finished," says Amos' manager, Arthur Spivak. "Nothing is etched in stone." That would seem to set up a tense situation with Atlantic, which is still charged with promoting "Strange Little Girls," a strange little album in which Amos has created a series of characters to reinvent male-oriented songs from female perspectives.

But Spivak says that everything is going smoothly. "Atlantic is working this album no differently, and there are still thoughts that she could return to the label," he says. "The album's doing well. Atlantic's done a great job of marketing her and there's still a long way to go with this record."

Amos is touring in support of the album (she'll play the Wiltern Theatre Nov. 15-17) and tentatively plans to release an album of original songs sometime next year.

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