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Jonathan Ross Show on BBC Radio 2 (U.K.)
January 18, 2003

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Tori appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show on BBC Radio 2 in the U.K. on Saturday, January 18, 2003. Tori was interviews and then she played a sorta fairytale live on the keyboard by herself. Look below for many details of this radio appearance from Toriphiles who were lucky enough to hear it! BBC Radio 2 archives these interviews online, and you can NOW listen to the Tori interview/perfomance in streaming audio on the Internet from the Jonathan Ross section of


From Christoff:

Tori came on at 11:54 after "Taxi Ride" was played. An interview followed where Tori said that last nights show was "Heaven". I'm sure you'll get a transcript but until then here's bits!

Tori spoke how she liked the "air stewardess" look as a listener had written in asking her to perform init

She also spoke of how her Mark and Tash have all recently discovered "Mary Poppins"! Husband especially. She mentioned that Tash was watching the Tom Hanks film the other night, the same story mentioned in Glasgow and on the Graham Norton show about "testing the bed"!

Tash apparently grooves and dances at the side of the stage every night as well after the whole crew has played "Ring o' Roses"! Tori mentioned that she doesn't want to bring Tash on stage until she knows what it's all about and understands why they are there. She also commented on how loud it can get on stage and that it would be too loud for her daughter. Tash does help with make up though but it's a little "like warpaint"!

Tori went on to say that she thought it would great to work with melody and rythym and loves the idea of no guitar layer on stage!

Tori then played "A Sorta Faiytale" solo live on the keyboard.(piano sound and I assume they didn't stick a Bose in the studio!!) It was a beautiful version! Slow!

Tori put her great performance down to her "full fat Latte" this morning.

Tori then said she will be back to the UK this summer to do "the festivals" but she couldn't say which just yet!

Tash opened the blinds one morning and looked out the window. "Mommy, what's that?

Tori - "That's the sun,darling!"

Tash - "Well I don't like it!"

She mentioned how they were going to Europe today, then to the USA but she would be back in "in the summer. We'll see." Tori then told J Ross to piss off in jest when her told he was n't bothered anyway and Tori also replied, "Yeah, I'l Tori Anus to you guys now"!

Then she blew him a kiss!

And that was that!

From Danny.Weddup:

Tori has just finished her appearance on the Jonathan Ross show! They played the album version of Taxi Ride, then interviewed Tori for a little bit. they talked about Tash (Tori told the testing the bed story), and Tori said that Tash is learning the piano but she is anxious not to push her into anything because "that's a turn off". She said that she would never bring Tash out on stage when she was playing live, because she would need to be fully aware of what she was getting into (being in the public eye).

They also talked about Tori's look onstage (tori said that her look for the second London show was "all about being a pink snake"). Read out some emails about what a fantastic drummer Matt Chamberlain is.

Than Tori performed A Sorta Fairytale, without the bridge, live solo on the keyboard. It was beautiful and Jonathan gushed a lot about how incredible Tori's voice and playing is.

Tori talked about British weather and that a little while ago, after days and days of rain, tori opened the curtains in Tash's room to see sunshine streaming down, and Tash said (Tori does an impression of Tash, sounding like a Cockney!!!): "What's that??? I don't like it!!!" Jonathan decided that she's definitely a British baby.

THEN, Tori revealed that after the US tour has finished, they'll be coming back in the summer to play some music festivals in the UK!!!!!!! Tori couldn't reveal which ones, but I would say Glastonbury is a pretty good guess.

From George Macpherson:

Tori performed "A sorta fairytale" solo with just the piano. Very simplistic and beautiful. Jonathan asked her about this tour and she revealed that she would be back in the UK in the summer to "do the festivals", although she wouldn't say which ones!

She also told the "testing the bed story" and talked a bit about Natasha and her surprise that there was sunshine in the UK as well as rain.  'Now thats a British child' remarked Jonathan.

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