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September 2001

Added August 21, 2001

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Marla Tiara informed me that there is a small review of "Strange Little Girls" in the September 2001 issue of Interview Magazine (with Bjork on the cover). You can read it below.

Tori Amos
Strange Little Girls (Atlantic)

Tori Amos "befriends" imaginary women on her latest album, singing male-written songs from hypothetical female perspectives. She brings her own slant to bear on the Beatles, the Stranglers, Tom Waits and Neil Young, among others, even gutsily assuming the perspective of the murdered wife in Eminem's "'97 Bonnie & Clyde." The album, by turns, makes the skin crawl and the foot tap, but no matter who she covers, Amos remains her righteous, lyrical self. - Sarah Valdez

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