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'The Informer' on Channel [v] in Australia
November 24, 2002 & Later

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Tori was featured on the TV show The Informer on Channel [V] in Australia. This was first shown on November 24, 2002 and show many times after that. The show featured some interview clips with Tori.

Here is a transcript from ruveni:

[v] = vj voice over

Played over 'cornflake girl' video

[v]: The beautiful and enigmatic Tori Amos has returned to the fold with a brand new record called 'Scarlet's Walk'. Renowned for her highly emotional intensely personal songwriting, we caught up with Tori and discovered that this album, once again, is extremely close to her heart.

Cut to tori sitting in a chair- this interview was done months ago- before she started doing public appearances etc.- she has her usual red hair but it seems redder than usual...underneath- maybe someone can get some screen shots...

Tori: This record is a story, its based on real events that have happened...some long...long ago and some in our very recent (gestures with hands) history

[v]: Including the events of September 11, and, of course having a new child in her life- but tori sees herself simply as a medium for the songs

Tori: Because the songs are alive...they are to know it is a challenge sometimes to get out of my own just have to say i'm trying to interpret through music who this being is.

[v]: so much so that during the recording process she reckons the tunes almost overtake her

Tori: They hold you hostage...its like invasion of the body snatchers...I mean they just take can't can't think anything... can't even think- you know- I need water...or...because its (gestures wildly with hands) you are singing, you are hearing it for the first time, and its already hit the microphone. So a lot of times I don't even understand.

Cut to a clip of asf video

[v]: well, that makes two of us tori. One thing that's also confusing is her brand new video for the single 'A Sorta Fairytale'.

Tori: It's the wackiest thing I've ever heard of ...its about 2 appendages falling in love...the girl is the leg, the guy is the hand...which is all good I think- I like a good shoe

[v]: And don't we all tori...a truly inspired musical genius or perhaps a softly spoken fruitcake. Either way let's check her out- this is Tori Amos on The Informer with 'A Sorta Fairytale'...(play clip)

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