"Here On Earth" Soundtrack

Updated April 4, 2000

Ms. Shaigirl was the first to tell me about this soundtrack. Tori's "1000 Oceans" (the same version as on "to venus and back") is included on the Soundtrack to the film "Here On Earth", released by Columbia Records/Sony Music Soundtrax. This soundtrack was released on March 14, 2000. You can see a complete track listing for this album below. The film stars Chris Klein ("Election," "AmericanPie"), Leelee Sobieski ("Eyes Wide Shut," "Never Been Kissed") and Josh Hartnett ("Halloween: H2O," the upcoming "Virgin Suicides"). In the story, a wealthy young man (Klein) and a girl from the wrong side of the tracks (Sobieski) unexpectedly find first love, angering her longtime and devoted boyfriend (Hartnett). The romantic triangle that develops is only the beginning of a new journey for the three young people, as they ultimately make life-changing discoveries about themselves and each other. Mark Piznarkski ("NYPD Blue,""The 60s") is the director. The movie itself was released in the U.S. on March 24, 2000.

Jodi saw the movie, which hit theaters on March 24, and says, "Tori's 1000 oceans played during the scene in the movie when LeeLee Sobieski was really sick w/ cancer (I think... I missed a lot of the movie....;) and Chris Klein was thinking about his dead mom, and everybody was all crying. I looked up real fast and I almost yelled 'THIS IS TORI!' for the benefit of my friends."

Track Listing For "Here On Earth"

Special thanks to Alannah and Marcos Giannotti for sending the track listing to me! You can see a small photo of the cover to the right. This appears on the Borders.com web site. (Thanks Jeska!)

  1. Jessica Simpson (featuring Nick Lachey)--Where You Are
  2. Sixpence None the Richer--I Need Love
  3. Devin--Whatever Turns You On
  4. Tal Bachman--If You Sleep
  5. Tim James--Tic Tocs
  6. Beth Orton--Don't Need A Reason
  7. Stereophonics--Pick A Part That's New
  8. Sixpence None the Richer--We Have Forgotten
  9. Neve--SkyFall
  10. Tori Amos--1,000 Oceans
  11. Birches (Score by Andrea Morricone)--Spoken by Leelee Sobieski and Chris Klein
  12. Here On Earth Score Suite (Score by Andrea Morricone)

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