Happy Birthday, Tori
A benefit for RAINN

Updated October 16, 2001

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The 2001 Happy Birthday, Tori fundraiser/parties for RAINN are over and over $100,000 was raised For RAINN! Thanks to all the people who help make this a success. In case you are just getting to this page and have no idea what this fundraiser was, look below for various details and reports.

A special thanks also goes out to the Torifest web page (The Official ToriFest & Gathering Registry), maintained by Raven. She kept up with all the RAINN bashes and did an excellent job of informing people about them. You can still go there to see how each individual party did.

Final report on the 2001 "Happy Birthday, Tori" RAINN parties and a photo of Tori receiving her birthday card!

Added October 16, 2001: Go to this web page for a final report about the Happy Birthday, Tori fundraiser, the total amount raised for RAINN, and a photo of Kelley Bevis from RAINN presenting Tori with a birthday card with the names of the hosts and donors on it!

A Thank you from the President of RAINN and a thank you from Tori

Added August 28, 2001: Go to this web page for a thank you from Scott Berkowitz, President of RAINN, as well as a thank you from Tori that was sent to all the birthday bash hosts.

The 9 Big City bashes for the Happy Birthday, Tori fundraiser

Updated August 24, 2001: Kelley Bevis from RAINN has sent me a list of the 9 cities that hosted big, blowout birthday parties. The cities are Boston, Chicago, Washington D.C., Miami, New York, Houston, New Orleans, Denver, and Los Angeles.

RAINN provided all the hosts of the "Happy Birthday, Tori" fundraisers with the "Strange Little Girls" 3-track promo CD!

Added August 1, 2001: Toriphiles who attended any of the Happy Birthday, Tori parties being held across the country had a chance to win an "exclusive" giveaway, the 3-track promo CD from Tori's Strange Little Girls. RAINN gave the 9 "big city" bash hosts 50 copies, and each smaller party host 5 copies. The hosts were then instructed to use them as giveaways, raffles, or door prizes.

The Host Kit for people planning Birthday Bashes

The host kits that RAINN is sending to people who are interested in hosting a Happy Birthday, Tori part contain a memo from the president of RAINN, a Q&A sheet, fundraising tips, and a commitment form for people to send back. In case you would like to see these documents now, I have added links to PDF files where you can read them! (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to see these files.)

  • Memo From RAINN with Q&A (PDF file)
  • Fundraising Tips (PDF file)
  • Commitment Form (PDF file)

    Full Details On The Happy Birthday, Tori Fundraiser and how you can help!

    The information below is outdated now, but it does tell you about the Happy Birthday, Tori parties/fundraiser is you are curious about how it worked. There should be more of these in future years, so this may help you get started with the next year's bash!

    Click To Go To The RAINN Web Site

    RAINN (The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) contacted me about a new Tori fundrasier that sounds really exciting. But in order for it to work, RAINN needs your help. Read RAINN's message below and find out all the details!

    Happy Birthday, Tori

    This August, show Tori how much you care about her and her music. In honor of her birthday, we invite you to be one of the Founding Hosts of Happy Birthday, Tori, a benefit for RAINN. In addition to helping a good cause, you might win the chance to hang out backstage with Tori.

    On August 22, 2001 (Tori's 38th birthday), or sometimes around that date, we'd like you to throw a birthday party for her. Besides being a good excuse to hang out with fellow Toriphiles, the party will be a fundraiser for RAINN. (As every Ear with Feet already knows, she was a founding member of RAINN, the national sexual assault hotline, and serves as the chair of RAINN's Advisory Board.)

    Our goal is to raise more than $100,000 to support the hotline. RAINN doesn't receive any money from the government. The hotline exists thanks to small, individual contributions-- the average person gives about $45. Of every dollar we raise, 88 cents goes directly to help victims, making RAINN one of the most efficient charities in America.

    Since the hotline launched in 1994, Tori fans have been the most generous and reliable supporters of RAINN. We need your help again. The hotline gets more and more calls every month. To keep pace, we need to significantly increase our fundraising this year. It's the only way to make sure that the confidential hotline remains free for all who need it, 24 hours a day.

    So, here's the deal. We plan to have two kinds of birthday parties.

    1) In a few big cities, we will be holding big, blowout birthday parties. We're looking for some take-charge people to sell tickets and help organize these bashes. We're thinking of parties in Washington D.C., Atlanta, New York City, and perhaps Texas and California. (We're also open to ideas. If there are enough Tori fans in Cincinnati to pull off a big party, then let's have a big party in Cincinnati.)

    RAINN will co-host the event, and we'll work with you to bring in local sponsors. We'll connect you with other volunteers in your city, and you can work together to organize the party, sell tickets (we're hoping for about 400 people per party), and make this Tori's best birthday ever.

    2) If you don't happen to live near one of the big city parties, we'd like you to hold a smaller party in your home (or at a friend's house, a local restaurant, or pretty much wherever you want to have it). We'll send you a house party kit that contains pretty much everything you need to know.

    Our goal for each house party is to raise $1085-- enough to keep the hotline running for 12 hours. All house party hosts will receive exclusive items from Tori and RAINN (we're keeping the actual items a surprise for the moment. But we can tell you two things about them: They're cool. And, they won't be available for purchase--the only way to get them is to host a birthday party fundraiser.

    One more thing: All Founding Hosts will be eligible for prizes that include signed memorabilia, concert tickets, and personal time with Tori backstage.

    About now you're probably thinking, "I'd like to help, but I'm not a fundraiser." That's ok--we'll help you. We'll give you tips and advice, a timeline, sample invitations-- everything you need to get going. Rosemary Cribbin, who is RAINN's director of the Happy Birthday, Tori parties, will be available by phone and email to answer questions and help you along. If you're not a fundraiser now, she'll turn you into one. (And trust us, it isn't that hard. You just have to be willing to ask.)

    Ready to help?

    If you would like to help organize a big city blowout, please email us at rainnmail@aol.com. Let us know your name and email, telephone number, what city you will help organize, and any special strength or details about you that will help get things going. Also, start recruiting some friends to help. Nobody can sell 400 tickets by herself, and we don't expect you to (even the idea of trying is scary). But if you have 20 people each able to sell 20 tickets, it's a breeze.

    We'll follow-up with you and give you some tips to get going. We'll also share your contact information with others in your city, so you can start working together.

    If you would like to hold a house party or smaller event, email us at rainnmail@aol.com. Let us know your name, email and land address, and phone number. We'll get you more information about organizing a party and a special Happy Birthday, Tori host kit. We'll also be available to answer any questions you have.

    Here are answers to a few questions you might have.

    Does the party have to be on August 22?
    No. If it's more convenient, you can hold it on another day within a week or two of her birthday.

    Does Tori know about this?
    Yes. She thinks it's a great idea. She's always been touched by how generous her fans have been to RAINN, and she thinks this is a great way to help the hotline and have some fun. To help us, she is donating signed merchandise, concert tickets, and backstage meetings for the Founding Hosts who raise the most.

    Will Tori know I am a Founding Host?
    Absolutely. Every week, we will send Tori a list of Founding Hosts and an update on how their event is going. She'll also get a final report to see how every party did. She'll even thank some hosts in person, backstage on her fall tour.

    In addition, we're going to present Tori with a giant birthday card with the name of every single person who contributes $25 or more to a birthday party.

    Just how do I get these backstage passes and other Tori stuff?
    The more you raise for RAINN, the better your chances. Here's the deal.

    All Founding Hosts who raise $1085 or more will receive a limited edition momento, signed by Tori.

    If you raise $2500 or more, you will receive a limited edition momento, signed by Tori, and two premium tickets from Tori's personal stash to the show of your choice.

    If you raise $5000 or more, in addition to the signed momento, you will receive two premium seats from Tori's personal stash to the show of your choice. Before or after the show (depending on the concert schedule), you will both be invited backstage and will meet Tori and the crew.

    There's no way I can raise $1085. Can I still throw a party?
    Yes. Please don't be scared away by that goal. Every dollar you raise is valuable to RAINN. Most of our donors give about $45, and every dollar helps. Please raise whatever you can-- we promise to put the money to good use.

    Can I raise money in another way?
    Sure. What do you have in mind?

    What if I get one big donation and don't charge people to come to the party?
    OK with us.

    Do I have to commit today?
    Not at all. Think it over, talk to friends. Email or call us with question -- rainnmail@aol.com or 800-656-HOPE, extension three. Don't wait too long-- August 22 is coming quick. But think about it and make sure this is a commitment you'll be able to keep. Please let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

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