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Green Bay Press-Gazette
October 23, 2002

Added Oct 31, 2002

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An article in the October 23, 2002 edition of the Green Bay Press-Gazette tells about a woman named Debbie Ellison, who helped Sony gather the charms for the Limited Edition version of Scarlet's Walk. Debbie buys charms from manufacturers across the United States and then sells them wholesale and retail. Sony asked for her help in gathering various charms from the different manufacturers. (I earlier posted that Debbie made the charms, which is not quite the case.) Read the article at the or below. Debbie also has a web site at where it is reported you can see these charms and many more. (Not to mention purchase stuff!)

People are speculating that the plastic or rubber charms that some people find in their limited edition package may not have been the ones gathered by Debbie but were added later because they needed more. This is speculation at this point and we are not sure.

Thanks to Janet for bring this article to the Dent's attention!

Local woman adds charm to Tori Amos' new CD

By Jim Kneiszel

A Green Bay woman working out of her basement is playing an unlikely role in a Sony Music CD release by singer-songwriter Tori Amos.

Debbie Ellison, who markets beads and charms from her Loch Drive home, was hired by Sony executives last month to deliver 184,000 pewter charms to be packaged with the singer's concept album, "Scarlet's Walk." Each of a variety of charms chosen by Amos fits the theme of a song on the limited edition package being released Tuesday.

It was an unprecedented order that came when the music giant happened upon Ellison's 3-year-old virtual storefront, Used to shipping small orders to crafters here and there, Ellison was suddenly vaulted into the big-time entertainment industry.

"It was a learning experience, I'll tell you that," Ellison said. "I know I wouldn't want to work for a corporation as large as Sony that has that many heads in one room."

Ellison said the project was on-again, off-again numerous times between when she was contacted in late September and the recent shipment of charms to four different factories. Amos hand-picked several charms from hundreds offered by manufacturers to be among items included in a trinket box with special-edition discs.

The trinket box also will include a DVD, photos and a map showing the journey taken in "Scarlet's Walk," according to Sheri Lee, a vice president of design for Sony Music. The special package will be available at major retailers and will come at a higher list price than a standard issue of the CD released at the same time.

Lee said music companies are turning to more sophisticated packaging to convince consumers to buy CDs instead of download music from file-sharing Web sites.

"It creates more of an experience for the consumer," Lee said. "To me it's unfortunate that we feel we need to do this. The consumer no longer feels the value is the music."

Ellison orders beads and charms from manufacturers worldwide. Many of the beads are from Eastern Europe while all the charms, in pewter and silver, are made in the United States. The fledgling business has grown big enough for her to hire son and daughter-in-law Jerry and Brandi Manning to handle shipping and run a storefront she plans to open in Green Bay in the spring.

Charms have been making a fashion comeback in recent years, and Ellison has seen no let up in the trend. Popular for bracelets, charms also are used in wine rings to identify wine glasses at parties and in wedding invitations.

A gifted piano player, Amos, 39, is known for modern or alternative pop fare and compelling, introspective lyrics. She has had three multimillion- selling albums over the past decade.

The details

• The release of the concept CD "Scarlet's Walk" is set for Oct. 29; the first single, "A Sorta Fairytale" debuted last week on MTV.

• Amos' representatives ordered 184,000 pewter charms from Green Bay small business wisconsin to be included with the CD. The charms help carry the album's themes.

• A bracelet featuring charms chosen for the album will be packaged with an autographed "Scarlet's Walk" disc and sold on eBay to raise money for the Golden House, a shelter for battered women and their children in Green Bay.

• On Dec. 1, Amos will play at the Riverside Theater, Milwaukee. For tickets, call (414) 224-3000.

• Amos played at the Weidner Center in September 1996.

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