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Goldmine Magazine
Issue #583

Added November 19, 2002

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Jon Haverman posted the following bit of news to the Precious Things mailing list. Tori is mentioned twice in issue #583 of Goldmine Magazine in the Grapeleaves section. (I do not know the exact issue date.) Read the parts of that column that mention Tori below.

First, the second editon of the WOMEN IN ROCK book is coming out, approximately ten years after the first edition. So, of course Tori gets a section.......and it is reported that EPIC has released SCARLET'S WALK promo in a glued/sealed shut personal cd player to reviewers. A way to beat - prevent music to be leaked out before the official release date.

Goldmine editor, Greg Loesher, states he did not receive one of these personal cd Scarlet's Walk players, only the regular promo copy. An Epic spokewoman states these players cost about $50 to produce, but can save 'thousand" of dollars preventing the music from being leaked out.

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