Good Morning America
September 3, 1999

During the final half hour of Good Morning America on Friday morning, September 3, 1999, Tori performed live on the program in Central Park in New York, and did a small interview. I noticed a few people in the audience who I recognized! (Hi Lana!) She played the following on the air

Cornflake Girl

The people watching the show on Good Morning America only saw about the first 30 seconds of Cornflake Girl. The crowd in Central park was lucky because in addition to seeing the complete Cornflake Girl, they got to see Concertina as well after that!

The performances were quite good considering the fact it was so early in the morning. They apparently put at least the first two performances on the big TV in Times Square as well. Look below for several screen shots from the show.

At the start of the program they showed Tori giving out bagels to the people waiting in the crowd. It looks like some of them were there all night.

Before the performance they showed Tori tinkering on the piano and she looked into the camera and said, "Hi, this is Tori Amos. You're watching Good Morning America, and if you're wondering where your kids are, they might be here."

When the hosts referred to Tori as a singer, songwriter and survivor, someone in the audience shouted "and goddess." Tori made a "Oh please" face and did a little settle down like wave to the crowd which was cute.

I don't have a complete transcript of what she said, but they mentioned her song "Me and A Gun" and asked her if anything was too personal to write about. She said there were some things that she keeps private, but then said she did not want to censor as a writer. They asked if she was surprised that so many people connect to her music. "Well, I think I've gotten so many amazing letters from people, everybody has their own story. And I think people would be surprised how many people have had to survive some pretty harrowing things... at such a young age too a lot of them."

They mentioned that she had gone from homecoming queen to songwriter and showed a photo of Tori as homecoming queen (which can be seen in her official biography.) Tori said something like, "Why did you have to bring that up?" They said it was pretty remarkable transition. Tori said, "Some of my favorite writers have been Sylvia Plath, Ann Sexton, and I think, um, Alice Walker, and you, you're inspired by, I think, those who have inspired you. And those women tackled some pretty serious subjects. And you can do it and sometimes there's a sense of humor; sometimes there not. But I think that, um, I don't know, I've always loved chasing the dark. Chasing it, eating it, dancing with it."

Reports from some of the people there said the atmosphere was quite intimate and the music was not really too loud. When Tori arrived she asked people in the crowd if they had been given anything to eat. When she heard they had not, she arranged for goodies to be brought in! They passed out quite a few items to the crowd, including pastries and bagels. Sounds like a fun time to me!

Look below the photos for accounts from a Toriphile who was there and more comments from people who saw it on TV.

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Photos From Dor

Dor sent me some BEAUTIFUL photos she took at the show and you can see them in my Ears With Feet Photo Album.

Photos From Pat

Pat sent me some photos he took at the show and you can see them below. Click on any one to see larger.

Photos From Jennifer LoPinto

Jennifer LoPinto sent me some photos she took at the show and you can see them below. Click on any one to see larger.

Accounts From People Who Saw The Central Park Show In Person Or On TV!

From Landj9697

From Victoria

From Scott Lupatsky

From Matt

From Beth Coulter

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