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Interesting News Items from a Recent Interview With A German Publication

Added Sept 21, 2002

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A trusted source was able to obtain some fascinating news tidbits from a recent interview Tori did with a German publication. Here is a summary of what was discovered with a few Tori quotes:

  • Tori's tech guys came up with the idea of creating the glued shut walkmans to prevent the new album from leaking on the Net earlier. It was not Sony's idea (which several recent articles seem to suggest), but Tori's really. She realizes that copy-protection on CDs is ludicrous and developed this as a better way to protect the material from premature release.

    "My tech guys did that, Sony didn’t come up with this idea. The record industry has come up with this idea of copy protection which we all know doesn’t work."

  • Tori reiterated that she does not want the songs from Scarlet's Walk released too early on the net.

    "It’s like opening your presents before Christmas. And I don’t have a second batch of presents in the closet."

  • Tori verifies that she will tour again in the States starting in January 2003 and then begin her European tour around March 2003. There are plans to do "something" in Australia at some point in 2003, but no details were given. (Not sure if that means a tour or just a promotional visit of some kind!)

    "We’ll start up in the States again in January and then we’ll move over to Europe in February or March sometime. After Europe we’ll see. ... There are plans to do something in Australia and certain parts of the world, but ..."

  • Tori verified that there will be a "Greatest Hits" album released later. She seemed to hint that it would be at least possible for remixes of some sort to appear on that album, but was not clear on that.

    "I have a Greatest Hits coming out. That’s what it’s called anyway, I would call it something else like "The Most Requested", but that’s a contractual matter."

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