Toriphile Reviews Of Great Expectations: Soundtrack & Score

Last Updated February 6, 1998

Below you will find various reviews of the soundtrack and score to Great Expectations from my readers. For more information about these releases and the movie itself, go to my Great Expectations page. For some soundtrack reviews from the press, go here.

February 6 - Alex F. adds:

Just a quick note regarding a post on the GE reviews section where someone asked what "Paradiso Perduto" is Italian for "Paradise Lost".

February 2 - Giovanni Mantilla posted to the Precious Things mailing list:

I got the Great Expectations soundtrack the very same week of release (which is weird considering that at my record store they usually take about a month to get the new releases, here in Colombia), and I should speak up my thoughts on it, so here it goes:

Well, let's review it track by track:

* Finn (Intro): I like it, it has a dreamy, new-agey kinda feeling to it, it's good, but could have very well done without it.

* Siren: Great song! Different from what Tori has done, but it does work. Something about the way Tori sings gives me the feeling of panic inside... great job here! When I let a friend of mine hear it, he said:"whoah, this songs sounds like something that if released on a single and promoted with a video could become a big hit!" . I found this comment intriguing. My favorite song in the whole record.

* Life In Mono (Mono): excellent track, dreamy, passionate and haunting, a pleasant surprise. Definite highlight.

* Sunshower (Chris Cornell): once again, another pleasant surprise. I've always liked Soundgarden, but never got it them... this is a nice track, Chris Cornell does a good job.

* Resignation (Reef): this track is somehow annoying, the "singer" of Reef doesn't really sing but shouts the lyrics.

* Like A Friend (Pulp): good song, the first part is dowright boring, but the end really rocks. Good one, but I expected something much better from Pulp.

* Wishful Thinking (Dunkan Sheik): VERY good song. The initial "spooky" guitar really adds something to it, great, great, great. I remember liking Sheik's "Barely Breathing", and being dissapointed at "She Runs Away", but this one is really good.

* Today (Poe): this is a good song, it has a really catchy chorus, but this is one of those songs which you can get tired of very soon. 20

* Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down (Scott Weiland): again, another pleasant surprise, Scott does a great job here, he tried something different from his work with the Stone Temple Pilots, and it works very well.

* Her Ornament (The Verve Pipe): another surprise, this a nice song, the first track by The Verve Pipe that I like.

* Walk This Earth Alone (Lauren Christy): Another highlight. Very good track, this is the first piece of work by Lauren Christy I've heard, and I must say it's very impressive.

* Breakable (Fisher): Yet another highlight. Breathtaking ballad. Some of the initial lyrics are a little too simple, but still, it's a very good, almost excellent song.

* Sucess (Iggy Pop): I don't really like this song, for me, it's the lowest point in the soundtrack.

* Slave (David Garza): good track, it's not a big deal, but it's still a nice song to listen to.

* Uncle John's Band (The Grateful Dead): this is a very good-- and funny song. Very nice.

* Besame Mucho (Cesaria Evora): this is a classic spanish song. Excellent too.

That's it. Out of 10 Stars, I would give the soundtrack 9; or A-.

January 30 - An anonymous Toriphile writes:

I just bought "Great Expectations: The Album" and not only is Tori's new song brilliant and original (if this is her "new" sound, then so be it!) but the rest of the album is excellent as well...

Who is this Lauren Christy? Her "Walk This Earth Alone" is incredible, sort of like Sarah McLachlan meets new-U2.

Iggy Pop's song is, of course, a riot as well... But I love Iggy Pop.

Other notables are Mono, Poe, Duncan Sheik, Scott Weiland, The Verve Pipe and The Grateful Dead.

The only really bad song is that Reef song, a little out of place. "Finn" I could have done without, too, Tori or no Tori.

Anyhoo, I've rambled enough. I'm sure you already have the CD. Very nice indeed.

January 27 - Christian Nicolau writes:

I like to comment on the great expectation soundtrack and let me tell you to all the people that say that Tori's "siren" is a let down I as a HUGE Tori fan think that "Siren" causes fire is a big impact on the soundtrack. I dont like "Finn" but then again this a new thing I have heard Tori do,

the third song which in my opinion and I hate to say it makes the Tori song look bleak and it is " Mono " to anyone that has heard this song will agree that it raises flames. The Chris Cornell song " Sunshower " it sounds good the first and second time you hear it then it makes you skip it.Then comes a band that I despise and that is Reef. I hate the song "resignation" is a stupid song. Then comes Pulp with " Like a friend " ever since I heard there name on the trainspotting soundtrack I always wanted to listen something from them so with this cd I have that chance and let me tell you I love it. the song sound boring at the beginning but then at the end the guy rocks the song and it makes you wanna mosh.Then the song from Poe " today " what a cool song specially when she says the line " today is the day we break free " then the highlight of the soundtrack to many critics and STP fans is Scott Weiland I hate STP but I got to admit Scott pulled it off with a little help from MY favorite Sheryl Crow playing the acordion ( which I find that funny )

The Verve Pipe I like them and all but they could had done a little better but the song is not that bad. Then the highlight for me in the soundtrack is Lauren Christy I have been fascinated with her since I heard a song name " steep " The song that she has on the sountrack " Walk this earth alone " is like Heaven to me and I think that she is talking about Ethan Hawke's character's father who is a prisoner played by Robert Diniro. In the line when she says " you are the siren that breaks that protect me ". then there is the greatful dead which I think they suck and the last song. Like I being spanish I have heard this song sung from diffrent people from the beatles to Julia Iglesias and this singer who sings his redention of " besame Mucho" is a yummy as apple pie, but in my opinion if Tori was spanish she could rip that song into a new level.I forgot about Duncan Sheik " wishful thinking" I dont like this guy, but I gave the song a chance and you wanna know what I came up with I dont like this guy

In my opinion the great expections soundtrack relates to the movie not like some soundtracks that doesnt make no sense with the movie while listening to the songs I saw the movie in my mind and also because I know a little from the movie as well if I was a critic I would give this an A+ but I would take points of putting REEF DUNCAN AND THE DEAD

well can't wait for the movie now

January 17 - JB Bridge posted to the newsgroup:

First impressions of "Siren"

This song kicks my ass! Very powerful and moving, in my heart, head and foot! I'm not even going to decipher the lyrics just yet til the music get's fully digested in my system, but she sounds like she is definately singing "teenage flesh". The last minute of this is prolly my favorite part as the (ahem) bridge builds up towards the end. Tori's voice is very strong in this, especially in the refrain, and her "airy" vocals are not too thin. I can definately hear the "latin influence" in the vocals at the beginning. There's suppossed to be a harpsicord in this? I can't seem to hear it in the mix. The verses and the piano really need to be a bit louder in the mix, but that's my only complaint.

I can't really find a comparison to any of Tori's other work. The instrumentation here sounds very solid, and if this is an indication of what to expect from the upcoming album, I can continue to have great expectations! (sorry couldn't resist ;)

anyone else noticed the capitalized words in the CD booklet (like all the lyrics in the Little Earthquakes CD)?

about Finn (Intro)....yeah, it does remind me a lil of "The Pool", but it really doesn't do much for me. The very first note sounds just like the first note from the song "The Future" from the Batman soundtrack, strangly enough.

January 17 - Dava Kunneman writes:

I have been waiting for this album for about the past five months when I heard of it's initial conception on MTV news. The album truly lives up to all the wonderful billing. Now I don't claim to be a big Tori fan, but I have found alot of her work to be truly awe-inspiring. As for this album, the following are brief feelings about most of the artists contributions:

1. Finn - Tori Amos...This definitely has to be a movie piece but rather interesting.

2. Siren - Tori Amos...The girl sings with every emotion in her body.

3. Life in Mono - Mono...What a wonderful song, has a James Bond sort of feel. Really Cool.

4. Sunshower - Chris Cornell...This man is truly gifted. I love the range of voices he can go through.

5. Resignation - Reef...Scream 3.

6. Pulp - can't remember name of song...Can't comment.

7. Wishful Thinking - Duncan Sheik...I have admired this individual ever since I herad "She Runs Away", this song continues his good work.

8. Today - Poe...I never have really liked any of her work, but this song is really pretty cool.

9. Lady, your roof brings me down - Scott Weiland...The reason I bought the soundtrack. This is the best song on the album and so f*cking cool. It's Scott's world in '98.

10. Ornament - Verve Pipe...Good song, I really dig the beat and the hick-ups at the end of the song.

12. Breakable - Fisher...A nice song, enough said.

13. Success - Iggy Pop...I love this song. It's a really cool party song requires audience participation. Maybe the second best song on the album.

14. Slave - David Garza...I heard this today for the first time. I don't know what I was missing, but it's pretty cool.

January 13 - Patrick writes:

Well, This is really a superior soundtrack in my opinion, and it is not just because it includes 2 tracks from Tori, but It also has other artists that I really love.

Siren is a really good song from Tori, and different than any of her other songs also, very exotic.

Poe's song today, although not as good as the songs on her debut HELLO, still a real good tune, though it does not appear in the movie.\

My other favorite attraction is LAUREN CHRISTY's Walk This Earth Alone, it is a beautiful song from one of my favorites.

I was also very impressed with Scott Weiland's song Lady, your roof brings me down, along with Mono's Life In Mono, I am thinking about buying both artist's cds when they come out (unless Mono's is already out?)

The other 2 songs that I enjoyed on this soundtrack was Duncan Sheiks Wishful Thinking, which I bought the single a few weeks back in celebration of the soundtrack(and I like Duncan Sheik), and Cesaria Evora(I don't think I spelled that right but I'm too lazy to get up and see).

Overall, best soundtrack I've bought since the Lost Boys :)

January 13 - Carol Wilkin writes:

I just finished listening to the two pieces with Tori on the Great Expectations Score, and Finn intro and Siren on the Album, as well as the rest of the songs on the Album, and I must say I really love the way Finn sounds, mainly because Tori's voice sounds so dreamy, and that is an aspect of her I have always appreciated, though I don't believe it has ever been so emphasized as now in Finn...

Siren I think will grow on me more as I listen to it more. I do agree that it is a lot like CALS. One thing that did bother me about it is that you cannot hear her voice as clearly as I think you should be able to, it gets drowned out too much, but I think I will end up liking it more. The lyrics are neat, and I LOVE the way she uses the word "Vanilla," such a Tori idiosyncracy -- what do you think she means by it in the context of the song? (Anybody)

Well, tori is as poetic as ever, and even dreamier...
I can't wait to hear her new album!!!!

January 13 - Manda Peters writes:

What can I say? Really. Mui Beanie. Hehe. Anyway, here's what I think of the soundtrack...

I was borrowing a car and didn't have much time to look around for the soundtrack. I went straight to Target (people in the midwest can identify with this store) and only found the cassette. I was a little shocked that they had anything at all. So anyway... I hurried to K-Mart (teehee) and was *completely* shocked that they had over 20 copies of the CD in stock. Yea! I bought one. I paid $12.08 for it. :) Yeeeha!

Sped home as fast as I could so I could listen to it and was glad that I did.

"Finn (Intro)" - This was interesting. It put as picture in my mind immediately of what I expect to see in the movie. Very beautiful piece. Tori's voice reminded me of a little girl.

"Siren" - I was pleasantly surprised with the portions of this song that I hadn't heard before. I try not to say, "This sounds like such-and-such song." It sounds like "Siren" and I like it a lot. I was bouncing around the room while I was listening to this. :)

"Life In Mono" - This piece wasn't one of my favorites from the album, but it wasn't too bad. I think it will be one of those songs that will grow on me.

"Sunshower" - During this, I wasn't looking at the lyrics or anything and I kept saying to myself, "God, this guy sounds like the lead singer of soundgarden. What's going on?" I was pretty embarrassed when I looked at the liner notes and saw that it was sang by Chris Cornell... of soundgarden. Hehe. Oops. Anyway... I really liked this song. It reminded me of "Black Hole Sun".

"Resignation" - This song was pretty interesting. This dude's voice reminded me of Adam Sandler. hehe. Anyway it was easy to listen to.

"Like A Friend" - I really enjoyed this song a lot. The lead singer has an interesting voice. Doesn't remind me of anyone, and I like that. It's unique. Great music too. Bueno.

"Wishful Thinking" - I absolutely love Dunkan Sheik for some reason. This song was beautiful. I liked it a lot.

"Today" - Ohhh how I love Poe. I have heard this song before and I was happy to see it on the soundtrack. It's an awesome song.

"Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down" - The piano at the begining of this piece is so wonderful. It reminded me of my grandmother's old upright piano. This song was just so interesting. Great vocals. Interesting background sounds.

"Her Ornament" - This song made me squirm. I liked it a lot. I didn't think I would because I really don't care for The Verve Pipe's songs that I have heard so far (ie- "The Freshman"). This was a nice surprise.

"Walk This Earth Alone" - This was a really cool song. I had never heard Lauren Christy before this and I really liked what I heard.

"Breakable" - Wow. This caught my right from the start. It's stunning. Why have I never heard of Fisher before? This simply took my breath away. I listened to this quite a few times before I could go on to the next song.

"Success" - Iggy. Teehee. I do love Iggy. :) This song made me smile after crying my way through "Breakable".

"Slave" - Another very interesting song. It's got great lyrics and an awesome beat. I danced a little to this one. Awesome.

"Uncle John's Band" - Heh. This song was fun. Reminded me of the Mexican music you hear on all those cheesy 80's movies. lalala. It wasn't bad though.

"Besame Mucho" - This song is as pretty as any Spanish song can be. Very romantic sound. I liked this. I actually knew the words to it. Hehe.

Well that's it. I look forward to seeing the movie. :) The novel, is a touching one so I have high hopes for the film.

January 13 - Alison Rosen writes:

I was just reading over the reviews already posted here, and I had to get my own two cents in. I was surprised by all the different reactions, that's for sure! Now obviously Siren is awesome; I almost see it separately from the rest of the album just because its Tori and Tori doesn't really fit with the feeling I get listening to the rest of the album! I love Life in Mono...reminds me of something on the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack that I just can't put a finger on but whatever...the songs I certainly skip to the most are Wishful Thinking: I was really surprised at how much people don't seem to like this; I'm not into Duncan Sheik at all but I think this song is great. I thought Today was very mediocre for Poe. Scott Weiland: very cool. I also really enjoy the Lauren Christy song...I like the music, don't really concentrate on her voice as much, but I don't find the song bad in any way. And her voice reminds me vaguely of Sarah McLachlan, anyone else hear this? Wonderful song. From there I'm basically happy with the CD...I certainly wouldn't have picked it up without Tori on it though. :-)

January 11 - A anonymous Tori fan writes:

In case anyone is illiterate like me :) and didn't know what the word coquette from Siren means, it means a flirt. This could very well be common knowledge, but in case you feel it important you may post it on your page.

January 11 - Phyllis Lynn Spiece writes:

The day Great Expectations was released, I was overjoyed and went searching for it right away. As soon as I got home, I popped it into the CD player. My general reaction was "WOW! this is pretty darn good stuff". However, as soon as I got past the 4th track I was a bit disapointed. False advertising if you ask me, I mean "16 great tracks for a great price!" I think it was more like "5 or 6 nice tracks for an okay price". "Great Expectations" was released with great expectations and I think a lot of us were let down.

Finn was quite a nice vocalization and instrumental mix. Something new. Siren, of course, wonderful because it was new Tori and it just makes me even more anxious for her album to be released. I think Mono was beautiful. An artist i had never heard before, yet my ears enjoyed the sounds produced. "Sunshower" by Chris Cornell was nice but resembled artists such as Counting Crows or even Hootie and the Blowfish. I am so glad I do not own any music by Reef!! They need to be strangled! "Like a Friend" began nicely but what the hell happened about half way through? It started to sound sort robotic, with a monotonatic sound. I am sorry if I do not enjoy music where it sounds as if the artist is screaming not singing. Not good for a singers voice ya know! I don't like the artistry of Duncan Sheik, so I don't even bother to listen to that track. It was nice to hear a new song from Poe. I have always liked her. Scott Weiland. Oh my goodness!!! This piece was wonderful!! I nice addition to the soundtrack. I really like the violins and piano in the song. The beat and tune is kind of catchy too. The Verve Pipe resembles Pearl Jam in a way (sorry to those of you who are Pearl Jam fans), Lauren Christy needs to sing on key, same goes for Fisher, Iggy I really need to comment? Just look at his name! David Garza, seems to me that the singing doesnt match the backup of the song. Listen to it. It bothers me as a musician. It is always nice to hear The Gratful Dead, and I am glad they placed Uncle John's Band on the CD. I only wish they had made the track closer to the beginning so I wouldnt have had to listen to the whole thing before getting to something decent. I hear the the last track was a remake. Well, I quite enjoyed the remake and am interested in hearing the original work.

Next I must say that not only is the score tough to find, but it is also quite expensive. I heard that the score is pretty short. My view is if it is so short, why couldnt they just include the score with the soundtrack instead of making it seperate? I then would pay the $17.99 they want for it!! I cannot wait for it to go on sale.

SO there you have it. My review for the Great Expectations SOundtrack. If I had the score, I would review that too, but like I said I am looking for the price to go down first! Don't get me wrong I really did like the soundtrack, but I am a critic. I have listened to it many many times already and I am so glad to finally be able to understand the lyrics by Tori :) By the way it took me forever to figure out what the heck a "coquette" was!

January 11 - Heather posts to the Precious Things mailing list:

I just looked on the web and searched for the words Paradiso Perduto and I came up with two interesting, but completely different, definitions in Italian. One link says it means "the paradise syndrome" (, and the other link says that it means "fettucine with lemon" ( :) The first one may be possible, but if you ask me, I think the second one is a better guess given Tori's passion for pasta :) Anyone have any additional insights, or speak Italian?

January 11 - Lara writes:

I was very impressed with this album. I am not usually a big fan of soundtracks but I really like this one. "Siren", as many others have said, reminded me of Caught A Lite sneeze. There is something intriguing about it... I love it! I also really loved Breakable by Fisher. This song is amazing as well. I also liked "Sunshower" by Chris Cornell, "Today" by Poe to name a few and "Besame Mucho" just made me laugh. I heard this song in my Spanish I class! Overall this soundtrack rocks!

January 11 - Doug Smeath writes:

Oh, wow. I am just swooning over Great Expectations! My Internet connection has been down for a few days, so I was unable to write my review the day I got the soundtrack and the score (which also happens to be the day they came out), and I am glad for that, because when I first listened, it was like, "Wow, these sound very cool." By now, though, I have gone to such a deep level with all of Tori's songs.

The soundtrack is my favorite, of course; I just love lyrics, you know! "Siren" is incredible!! The first time I listened to it, I was all shakey, waiting and having no idea what to expect, and the music started out fast, very unlike anything Tori has ever done in some ways, but in some ways similar to "God" and "Girl," and I was always moving and tapping my foot and smiling. Then there was the "And ya know you're gon-na-na-na lie to you," and I almost fell over. I was NOT expecting it; it's like one of those famous Tori voice tricks, and it's one we've never heard before, or at least I've never heard one! And there are so many layers to this song, like "Girl" and like many of her other songs, with so many voices and instrumental patterns and stuff in the background all at once. Besides all that, isn't this the most perfect song possible to describe Estella?!

"Finn" is on both the soundtrack and the score, and the producers were brilliant to do this, as it is possibly my favorite of Tori's contributions. It is slightly shortened, but in no way reduced in amazingness, on the soundtrack. This song sends me! I just follow this flow, I go to this Celtic place at one point, to the bottom of the ocean in another, flying above a round green hill with sun behind white clouds in blue sky somewhere else. I was going to say that it reminded me of "The Pool," but geez, everyone's said that! "Paradiso Perduto" is fabulous, but not as much to go into as the others.

As for the other songs on the soundtrack, I have GOT to hear more of this band Fisher! Mono rocks, Poe is her typical so-so self, and Lauren Christy is amazing. I was disappointed by Scott Weiland and Duncan Sheik.

January 11 - Dink writes:

Well, last night me and my friend went to go see "Good Will Hunting" at the mall, and on the way I had to stop by Camelot Music. After a week of frustration I finally got the soundtrack. (They didn't have any of the scores.) Right after the movie, I immediately put the disc. To tell the truth, I was a bit disappointed. I had great expectations for "Finn" cause I had heard so much about it, and all it was was Tori gasping and laughing and someone who sounded like Forrest Gump in the background. "Siren" was the second track, and I LUVED that one. It reminds me of some material done by the infamous Y Kant Tori Read, as does Lauren Christy's song on the album. My other favorites were "Life In Mono" by Mono. It featured some harpisord work on it that brought back memories of "Boys For Pele" and The Dew Drop Inn Tour. Chris Cornell's vocals are as scratchy as ever on "Sunshower." Poe's "Today" is definetely a highlight on the album, even though it wasn't used in the film. "Her Ornament" by Pulp is also a very good track. However, I believe "Breakable" is probably the most beautiful song on the album (sorry Tori) and I am shocked that it is not being used in the film!! Anyway, to all my fellow Ears With Feet: if you haven't seen "Good Will Hunting" go see it, it is a great movie. If you haven't gotten the soundtrack, pick it up, it's worth the money. (By the way I also found out that Madonna's new album is coming out on February 27 when I bought my soundtrack, so be looking for it.) If anything, the "Great Expectation" soundtrack gives Ears With Feet a fix of Tori to hold them over till the new album due out in May!

January 11 - Kim Rygiel writes:

"finn" is absolutely fantastic! i cannot get over how beautiful it is. i haven't had the money to buy the score yet, but i can't wait to hear the full version of it.

anyway, i'm surprised that "finn" isn't going over too well. it's very tori to me, haunting, beautiful, amazing.

i have nothing to say about "siren" yet, because i can't seem to get past "finn." ahhh, i'm obsessed with it.

January 9 - Harbour writes:

When I went to Tower to pick these lil guys up I was extremely disappointed that Great Expectations-The Album (as opposed to Great Expectations-The Breakfast Cereal) had become just another corporate record label sampler album. I also promised myself I would never buy anything that had Grateful Dead on it in my life. But alas, I still bought it anyway. Anything for Tori, I suppose... I've been enjoying the score quite a lot, and it was my choice for the nightly it's-2-am-and-I-need-a-smoke-so-I-will-go-to-the-car- and-smoke-and-listen-to-loud-music-and-make-people-think-I-am-planning-on- robbing-their-house. The main theme in the score is wonderful, and all the variations, from acoustic, to operatic, to Mexican salsa, is quite clever. As for GE-TA, I really only enjoyed Tori's pieces and Lauren Christy's song. I can seriously do without the rest of the bands, although Duncan Sheik's "Wishful Thinking" is growing on me......

January 9 - Beth Hasbrouck writes:

Hi Mike! I bought the Great Expectations soundtrack a few days ago and I haven't really had time to listen to the whole thing, but the Tori songs are great. "Finn" immediately made me think of "The Pool," mostly because she is vocalizing and not singing any words (although she does sing words on "The Pool"...) "Siren" is absolutely wonderful. I can't say any more about it, really, except that I loved it from the second it started playing. They did leave out a few lines of lyrics in the cd liner, which I thought was strange. As for the rest of the album, or at least the parts I have listened to, I really enjoyed "Life in Mono" by Mono, "Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down," sung by Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots (great accordian playing by Sheryl Crow), "Wishful Thinking" from Duncan Sheik, and, of course, "Uncle John's Band," the classic Grateful Dead song. Anyway, the soundtrack is worth buying for "Siren" alone -- I can't wait to hear Tori's new album!

January 9 - Kristin M Evans writes:

Okay! I'm a day late (and $14 dollars short), but I finally got the soundtrack and have listened to it several times... I have these things to offer:

Finn (Intro):
I'm not sure what I think about this one myself (especially the whistler), but there have been plenty of negative reviews of this short piece... I think we have to remember a couple of things--it'swritten by Patrick Doyle.. I'm thinking he had some input on what he wanted Tori to do during it... Also--another important thing to keep in mind that this piece shouldn't stand alone--maybe there's this wonderfully wistful scene it accompanies, and after the film is released, we'll all be gushing about how perfect it was for the scene it was in.

Finally the complete version! One thing I'm interested in is at 1:04 into the song--just before the chorus...the beat is off. She starts about 1/2 a beat sooner than you'd expect (if you tap out the beat a couple measures before, and try to continue, you'll find that you're off beat). It's not like the song just speeds up--there's an actual break. Any thoughts on this? I think it's unusual for her... I remember in one interview she gave, she said something along the lines of, "You can tell a lot about a person by the breaks in their songs." I noticed this when I heard it for the first time (off the Dent), but I attributed it to downloading or something having to do with the computer. In any case, I didn't like it at first, but now I'm used to it...

Also: at 1:34 into it, the humming.... it's like there are three layers--her voice, then the piano, and then the cello. I like that part a lot...very pretty and entrancing.

And my last observation... the lyrics that were not to be printed... at 2:05ish into the song... at first listen, I thought it was "sovereign land(s)"... but then I read someone's thoughts that said "southern"... so now I'm not sure.

Okay--so I want to know what is up with these reviewers. How can they say that she "wails like a wounded dog?" I wish we could all write that dude a short letter just letting him know how sincere her fans are (and how huge we are as a collective group!). In any case, it's unfortunate.

January 9 - Eddie Pombo writes:

ok this morning i woke up all psyched cuz the great expectation sndtrk & score came out today (both feature new tori!).. so i woke up at round 10:30 & decided to take a walk to the blaock bust music about 5 or so miles away i got there, they didnt have it.. so i walked about 5 or so more miles to a best buy (i was SO proud of myself for doin that) they didnt have it..all sold out & they had just opened! (by the way, i noticed they had Little Earthquakes on sale there as part of some sale of platinum cd's they had...others they had were like some madonna cd & other big hit cd's...kinda kewl! GO TORI!) so i walked to a mall kinda nearby.. looked in the music store...nothing... so i asked the guy..he said they hadnt gotten it in yet.. so i was like about to i went to the back of the store & picked up a tori piano book & the guy was like hey dude i got it! so i ran w/ the book & he had both the score & the sndtrk! i spent like 65$ on just those 3 things!! but's the cool part...i put the sndtrk on (i had my cd player) & in the parkin lot i put the SIREN on.... & i couldnt breathe!!....i was so emotional i couldnt breathe!! i was GASPING for air!!!! THAT's how much my tori means to me..i'd go thru ALL that....but it was the BEST feeling...altho i was like unable to was AWESOME! i LOVE everything she contributed to both cd's....(altho i kinda wish the score songs were longer & more of em) well that's my story (:

January 9 - Nick Rafeal writes:

As of now, I don't own the "Great Expectations" film score and I haven't had enough time to listen to the entire soundtrack, but of course I've set aside enough time to drown myself in Tori's contributions "Finn (Intro)" and "Siren." First of all, whoever said that "Finn (Intro)" reminded them of Tori's famed B-side "The Pool" -- I was thinking the same thing! But the real highlight is "Siren." First of all, it's got a real edgy, tribal feel to it, unlike anything Tori has ever done before. It is startling! It does in some ways remind me of "Caught A Lite Sneeze" and I have to say that the first time Tori sang the "Never was one for a prissy girl..." verse, it reminded me very much of the "With their nine inch nails..." breakdown in "Precious Things." Just a question regarding the unprinted lyrics... anybody have a decent guess as to what she says after the opening few lines? Is it "And I lied so loud I died"? And what about in the chorus? Is it "Know teenage flesh"? Well, I was very pleased hearing this song and can't wait for the new album!

January 9 - dolll writes:

After looking for a soundtrack priced UNDER 17.99 i found one. Finn frightened me a bit. I plain don't like it. I can see how it will easily fit into the movie, and i'm sure it will sound good there. But otherwise, i don't care for it. Siren is a mediocre Tori track. It's good until you realize that it's not near over. The beat it semi-fun though. I like the rest of the album. Mono's song is beautiful. Pulp is as "pulp"-y as ever. Just as i predicted, Lady you Roof Brings me Down, is definitley the highpoint, and glory of the soundtrack :)

January 8 - Casey Christian posted to the Precious Things mailing list:

Well, I went to the record store where I work (God bless employee discounts!!) this morning around 11:00 or so and picked up the Great Expectations album. I planned on buying both the album and the score CD, but we did not recieve any of the scores. I went to several other stores in town and none of them had gotten the score yet either -- just the album. So, I guess I'll have to wait to hear that for a few more days.

First off, lemme just say this soudtrack is, overall, very good. There are certain artists on here (Duncan Sheik, Reef, Pulp, etc.) that I do not like and would normally not listen to, but that found myself pleasantly surprised by on this CD. Tori's "Siren" is fantastic. It's really not like any other song she's done, although I suppose "CaLS" would be the closest in sound and pacing. Then, on the intro called "Finn", where she lends her vocalizations, she'll just take your breath away. It's beautiful and haunting. I'd say the other highlights of the album, for me at least, are Poe's "Today", "Her Ornament" by The Verve Pipe, "Walk This Earth Alone" by Lauren Christy and "Breakable", which is performed by Fisher. I've never heard of these last two, but both the songs are damn good.

Overall, this album works very well together, making a nice package. I'd recommend it to most anyone.

January 8 - Kelly Stitzel writes:

I picked up the Great Expectations soundtracks and am quite pleased. Finn (Intro) was beatiful and reminded me a little bit of The Pool. Then I finally heard Siren. WOW! I was taken aback at first hearing it. I'm not used to hearing so much background music with Tori. After I listened a few times, I really loved that background music. Tori's voice is raw and you can definitely hear the range that gorgeous voice has. It is a breathtaking piece and whets my appetite for the new album. The other song on the score featuring Tori is Paradiso Perduto and it, too, is beautiful, but her vocals aren't as pronounced as in Finn. I was definitely happy and can't wait to see the Movie.

January 8 - MetroJoe82 writes:

I think that the soundtrack is put together very well....I feel it is an odd assortment of artists but all their quirkiness and diversity clashes wonderfully. "Finn" is pretty and Tori's exotic vocals really make it a beautiful track. "Siren" is great; very different from other Tori tunes. Sort of a mix between "Caught a Lite Sneeze" and "Precious Things," and ends sounding like "Blue Skies" in my opinion. I was saddened to see that in the liner notes it says that Tori used the piano and the harpsichord because will this possibly be the last song Tori does on the harpsichord (or did she mean "no harpsichord" just for the tour? does anyone know?) The soundtrack is wonderful: "Wishful Thinking" by Dunkan Shiek and "Life in Mono" by Mono are also great.

January 8 - Michael Carrone writes:

i just bought the new album today and i can't put it down. tori's new sound is awesome and i hope to see more of this on the new album. the lyrics amazed me the most along with her expression in the song and the new way she used her voice and added words throughout the song. the song perfectly suits the movie and plot. i definately hope tori's song will be a hit. i also enjoyed the track following tori's song called "life with mono."

the soundtrack is full of great songs.

January 8 - Mike Leigh writes:

The long awaited Tori tracks are a sound for sore ears....I was overcome with emotion at the quality of the vocals and the intricacy of the rythyms displayed in the "Siren" track. I am one of many that look forward to the relase of Tori's new album in April/May of this year.

Mono made an incredible contribution to the soundtrack with "Life in Mono" the synths were very well placed alongside the strings, basslines, and vocals that gave the listener a very well balanced flavor of sounds.  "Sunshower" by Chris Cornell was a surprise and I enjoyed listening to it. Perhaps Chris will find another group of musicians that can fill the shoes of Kim Thayil and the like?

"Resignation" by Reef is an atrocity. It made my ears bleed.  "Like a Friend" by Pulp left me thirsty for something a bit more substantiative.   Duncan Sheiks contribution was interesting.... "Wishful thinking" had good rythyms and bass lines.   Poe made a welcome addition to the album with "Today"  definately worth a listen

*note* thats NOT your beeper going's in the song   "Lady, your roof brings me down" Scott Weiland, made me snicker...good song, great old feel. I'd place it about 1969    The Verve Pipe gave "Her ornamnet" Next please.  "Walk this earth alone" by Lauren Christy , was pleaseurable for those times when you want to vegetate. (thats not a bad thing, I do it often)  

"Breakable" by Fisher almost reminded me of Counting Crows, I said ALMOST! not that good.   Iggy Pops "Success" was umm.....what can I say "Iggy Pop?"  David Garza "Slave" yeah no made me feel like one listening to this crap.

One of 2 surprises was Greatful Deads "Uncle John's Band" Good ol Dead is always welcome anywhere.  And Suprise #2 was Cesaria Evoras interpretation of a VERY old Latin love long "Besame Mucho" those hopeless romantics will enjoy the guitars and horns. 

In conclusion, as a whole, I enjoyed the album, take away some annoying features and it's not so bad. One thing that I was very dissappointed about was the splitting of  the Tori Amos tracks and making the second disc (Score) nearly impossible to find in stores, then evern if you DO find it, its 9 dollars more than the album. I for one think it is ludicrous.

January 8 - Bert writes:

Hi, here is what I think of the new Tori songs. It reminds me of when I first heard blue skies, different, but it grew on me as I`m sure this will. But I do think that Tori`s vocals should have been made louder when they did the mixing...

January 8 - Tripp Gwyn writes:

Siren: I like this song a lot. It holds the elements that makes songs like Caught a Lite Sneeze so breathtaking, the intense piano and hard drums, not to mention Tori's stellar voice. But it does have a certain feel that no other Tori song has had, and I really like that. I hope this is an indication of the new "cruel, bite your butt" album to come. Fin: Hmm, I like this because I'm a fan of some classical music also. But I'll stick to what's Tori related. All in all I think she did a wonderful job. Slight hums. They sounds very gentle and calm. Eveytime I hear it I just imagine being a kid playing in a field. Paradiso Perduto: Pretty much the same. Just slight calm hums. A good track though. The only thing I'm dissapointed about is the fact that Patrick Doyle didn't take full advantage of using Tori's vocal abilities. I would have been a little more satisfied if we could have gotten a few gut wrenching screams on the more dramatic tracks. Tori is very good at emitting emotionally pain-staking, grit your teeth wails. They would have fit the more intense emotional scenes from the movie perfectly giving the viewer a much better feel for the level of emotion building in the characters. Mr. Doyle should have asked for a few screams similar to the wails from the "sick" show in Miami when she performed Losing My Religion.

January 8 - Zach Blas writes:

I bought the GREAT EXPECTATIONS Soundtrack and Score yesterday after school, and I anxiously took them home to listen to her songs. I listened to the Soundtrack first. . . . . .I was pleased with FINN, but I wish she would have done a little more with her voice--I guess I was just expecting more. I LOVED "Siren!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Oh my God, that song is the greatest! I loved the beats she had incorporated into the music and, most importantly, the lyrics were beautiful. It was such a great song! It surpassed all my expectations. Yet, on the Score. . . .I was again disappointed with the lack of range in Tori voice. Now, I haven't listened to the Score songs as much as "Siren", but overall, I was disappointed with the other 2. I just thought she would have done a lot more with her voice. It's not that I didn't hate them or even dislike them, I thought the music Patrick had done was breath-taking. Yet, Tori could have done more with herself.

January 8 - Nick Schall writes:

Well, I think the record store that I went to messed up because I've had the Great Expectations soundtrack since Monday, so I guess I was lucky enough to get it a little early. I think in the offical lyrics you need to add that is does say No teenage flesh because you can hear that at 48 seconds on the song, so that should be added I think. Let me just say that I LOVE THIS SONG. I've been listening to it all day and if this is a taste of what the album is going to be like I'm pretty excited. I can't wait for the new album to come out. I am interested to see the movie to see what part this played in because there are so many emotions attached to this song. And you don't need the light on to guide you through the sun and go said go yes 2:04 through 2:18. I think that's what she's saying, but I'm not sure. Have a listen and tell me what you think. I think another great song on this soundtrack is the one called Breakable by Fisher. She reminds me a lot of Tori. Well, just some of my thoughts on the soundtrack.

January 8 - J'ason posted to the Precious Things Mailing List:

I got the Great Expectations soundtrack yesterday, and I must say.. "Siren" is extremely beautiful, the way the piano flows throughout the song, and the way Tori uses her voice in it, which is different from her previous recordings. There are some familiarities in some parts in the song, she did some vocal- type stuff she was doing towards the later part of the Dew Drop Inn Tour. Especially the part:

" guide you through the Southern lands, go said, go, yes..." ("Father Lucifer" live: "go, said, go, yes, run away turn away..."

i got chills when i heard that part. And i don't understand why they chose to only print Some of the lyrics. I do think Tori's annunciation has gone to some quite weird place, but that's ok, i do love it... I just hope we can understand her lyrics on the new album... Oh, and did you guys notice that she plays piano And harpsichord in the song... so she's still working with that sexy babe :) Hopefully there'll be some harpsichord on the new album. Well, Repeat Track is the option of choice on my CD player for the next few days, hehe. ;)

Late 1997 - My first review of the soundtrack came from Ears With Feet James in NYC, who obtained a pre-release copy in late 1997 and shared his initial thoughts:

hey there- i'm psyched- my friend at mtv got me an advance copy! I havent been keeping up on the website (havent been reading every last word so maybe you know all you want already). But its "almost brave almost pregnant"... The last notes of the song are electronic- which makes sense cuz its got a big sound- and I actually like it- a lot of this electronica stuff has generic lead singers (or the music makes them sound generic)- tori is far from generic so its cool.

More comments on the song- she does say beanie hello- (oops) but I think he says something like "being in love" in a really weird way and says "beanie hello" in the same way. Also- I dont think its like cornflake girl- its more like an exact cross between Blue Skies and CALS- it has that same new agey piano and kinda submariney chime as CALS and energy as Blue Skies with techno buzzing in the background. Whats online is basically the whole song with the same lyric and chorus repeating - chorus is repeated several times at the end and there are a few minor changes like "You know he's got a celular handy" to "I hope he's got a celular handy" and after a "beanie hello" she adds a "Siggy face" (?) in her chest voice si-GEY- face. The song is produced so well with violins, drums, keyboards etc and it all blends in great. I hope the new album is like this.

I'm going to be honest and say that I dont really care for Finn- the music isnt tori's and her voice sounds fine but I dont like the way it was produced- its kinda new agey and random but her voice isnt altered much so it kinda doesnt fit and doesnt have anything to hold onto- I was hoping it would be more like THE POOL or SONG FOR ERIC- but she doesnt sing words and its kinda all over the place.

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