Finger Eleven Might Cover "Precious Things"

Added August 10, 2000

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I got the following fascinating news from Angel Kilcher:

    "Precious Things" will be covered by one of my very fave bands, Finger Eleven. :) Just wanted to let you know cuz hey, I bet you could use a cool piece of info. And since the band is alt rock, I imagine it would be like the plugged PT.

    I am so spazzing...... :) They've been messing with a version of Precious Things that they intend to do, at least live but knowing them, since they put "Walking in my shoes" by Depeche Mode on their latest CD, they'll likely release it if Tori says okay.

    Here is a quote about it from band member JAMES BLACK (guitarist):

    "Yes, we have been working on 'Precious Things' for a while, but it's not quite ready yet. We figure if we're going to play such a great song we better be able to play it great. We won't be messing with any of the lyrics, that's just wrong- if Tori amos wanted the lyrics to be different she wouldn't have written them.

    "The whole song is held together by the choppy breathing that goes all the way through it, and that's what we're missing in our version. It's such a little part but it's the glue for the whole song. Once we figure out how to do that sound or something like it, we'll be ready to go."

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