New Father Lucifer Remix

Added February 3, 1997

Steve Pielocik emailed me with this interesting information:

"I just wanted to let everyone know that a new remix has surfaced here in Philadelphia. I was listening to 88.5 WXPN this morning when they started to play a song where the chord structure sounded very familiar. It had a dance-ish beat, almost like an Everything But The Girl song, or something. There were very light exhaling sounds which reminded me very much of the noise Tori makes at the very beginning of "Father Lucifer". The sound happened again. I knew it sounded just like that noise, but I was sure I had heard nothing about any remix of "Father Lucifer", and if so, why would they be playing it on the radio. Then it started..."Father Lucifer, you never looked so sane..." I couldn't believe it. It was actually very well done. When it got to the part at the end where all the voices (on the original) are all singing at once, this version only played the primary melody line which includes all the lyrics printed in the booklet. (The "does joe bring flowers?...girls that eat pizza" verse). It was bizarre to hear that whole verse clearly without having to strain to distinguish the lyrics due to the overlapping voices. So I freaked. I called some friends. Then I did my duty as a true Toriphile. I called the station. (For those on the web page, if you are unaware of my "special" relationship with WXPN, read the article Mikewhy has so graciously posted entitled "Spammed at XPN"). They took the time and retreived the CD for me and told me that it was not something you could buy. [It is a remix done by someone named Sylk Screen.] I was told that much of the text was in French, but they gave me a phone number that was on it and something called the Reorder Number in case that would be any help. Unfortunately, my help would end there. I called the number and it turns out it's the company 3M or something, and not any kind of record company number. I will most definitely be calling to request that this song be played in the future."

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