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December 19, 2001

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Tori was featured during a short (roughly one minute) story on the U.S. syndicated TV show "Extra" on Wednesday, December 19, 2001. This show is syndicated and appeared on many difference stations and networks across the U.S. at different times. (A few people reported that their local station aired it on December 20, 2001.)

At the moment you can see a page about Tori at the Extra web site and watch a video clip from the show. Thanks to Heather Hansen and Jason Rafferty for telling me about it.

Toriphiles ethereal spirit and Kristopher Kelly sent me a transcript of Tori's appearance, which you can read below. As you can see, they made a mistake and said she was born in Newton, South Carolina. They should have said North Carolina!

If anyone can send me screen shots from this Extra appearance, please email me! You can currently see a few photos from the show at


Ryan Seacrest from the live at the lounge show is the voice over guy. they show her clips of her playing rattlesnakes, silent all these years and upsidedown on the radio show. they also show cuts of what looks like soundcheck (and various music videos).

voiceover: her soul stirring melodies and passion charged lyrics inspire and comfort countless fans. i sat down with songbird Tori amos on my radio show live from the lounge and Tori says for her music has always been a gateway to a better place.

Tori: it became a real friend to me. i was in a very religious family...and um...they were starting to get a little wacky.

VO: born in newton, south carolina, the daughter of a methodist minister, Tori saught refuge in the keys of a piano

Tori: music became a place that they could not enter into.

VO: the ever outspoken amos rejected her family's strict beliefs choosing to follow her heart and her music. Now after more than a decade of hits, Tori's putting her spin on someone else's music with her latest cd, strange little girls, a collection of cover songs from male artists like eminem and depeche mode

Tori: i like the idea men say things and what a women hears

VO: but these days the only woman Tori hears is her baby girl natashya.

Ryan: do you think she will develop a passion for music because of the world that you work and live in?

Tori: i think she's gonna be a dog trainer

VO: dont worry Tori there's always time to change her tune

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