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November 1, 2002

Added Nov 3, 2002

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Thanks to Erin Eber, Jackie Smith, Tyler Mays and tjavery for sending me this review, which is really negative. It appears in the November 1, 2002 issue of Entertainment Weekly. (#680 with Avril Lavigne on the cover.)

Tori Amos - Scarlet's Walk (epic)

Amos has always flirted with dippiness, sometimes quite seductively, but with this graniloquent "sonic novel," as her label bills it, she achieves full-blown looniness. A song cycle about a woman transversing America, Walk conflates Native American oppression, anti-homophobia, the 9/11 attacks, and motherhood with appalling hubris. The melodies meander pretty unforgivably too. Buy it and be directed to a website that maps out Scarlet's death-defying journey and Tori's life-affirming tour-date schedule. Cumulative effect? Soul-depleting.

D - Grade given to the album :(

By Ken Tucker

On page 70, with the review, there's a picture of tori with a line underneath that says, " Leave Home Without It. Wander woman Amos' Walk can't go the distance."

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