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Entertainment Weekly
September 20, 2002

Added Sept 14, 2002

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There is a small article on Tori and a photo of her in the September 20, 2002 issue (#673) of Entertainment Weekly magazine in the U.S. This was a Fall Music Preview issue and of course they mentioned Scarlet's Walk. Look below for a scan of the photo and the article itself. Thanks to Amber V., Maribeth Macaisa, Ami, Jessie Cruz, Tasha Ford and tyler mays for the article and special thanks to Amber V., tyler mays and Maribeth Macaisa for sending me scans of the photo.

Tori Amos - Scarlet's Walk

Last autumn, Amos embarked on a national concert tour. What she observed of America, as it recovered from the Sept. 11 tragedy, forms the basis for Scarlet's Walk. "It's like a sonic novel about a road trip," she says. "Scarlet's who i am in this and she's working her way across the country, trying to find out what she believes in." The enhanced CD includes a feature called "Scarlet's Web" that maps out the protaganist's trip. "In touring at that time, there was a lot of congregating going on, and people started to see America as a being, not just an object," she recalls. "On the album, Scarlet's really on a quest to find out who this being is." (10/29)

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