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Epic Press Release
October 24, 2002

Added November 22, 2002

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Epic issued a press release on October 24, 2002 in order to publicize an upcoming online chat with Tori and as special music premiere of her music from Scarlet's Walk. Read the press release below. Thanks to Dianne, and Shellie Lepere for sending this to me.

Scarlet's WalkCD Unlocks Exclusive Bonus World At
Via Proprietary ConnecteD Technology

OCTOBER 24, 2002 NEW YORK, NY -- On October 25 at 7PM (ET) / 4PM (PT), Tori Amos will chat live online with fans to invite them to join her on Scarlet's Walk, her sonic novel and auspicious debut on Epic Records that arrives in stores four days later on October 29. The chat will take place during the world premiere of selections from Scarlet's Walk that will stream for 24 hours beginning at 1PM (ET) / 10AM (PT) that same day accessible at, a special page at Tori's official website, Online retailers from around the world will pre-sell the album during the entire event, culminating in a global virtual in-store where fans can preview Scarlet's Walk, chat with Tori, and purchase the album.

Scarlet's Walk is a chronicle of Amos' love affair with America, its people, its history and its future. The CD also acts as the key to "Scarlet's Web," an entire online bonus world at only accessible when the disc is in a user's CD-ROM drive. Sony Proprietary ConnecteD technology is used to recognize the disc that then allows the fan to unlock this exclusive content. Once inside "Scarlet's Web," fans will find three maps to help them navigate through a vast, exclusive, bonus world of photos, songs not found on the album, lyrics, a track-by-track commentary from Tori, behind-the-scenes video, mini movies, stories, contests to win front-row concert tickets, and souvenirs to collect along the way. Because ConnecteD technology functions independently of the CD, the content can be changed on the fly. A special highlight of "Scarlet's Web" will be exclusive live tracks recorded along Tori's On Scarlet's Walk tour that embarks on November 7. These live songs from the road will be premiered exclusively for fans in "Scarlet's Web."

"I wanted people to be able to discover for themselves the Journey that Scarlet and I are taking," said Tori. "In Scarlet's Web you will be able to unlock the inner most details of this fantastic voyage, as well as a few special suprises along the way."

"Scarlet's Walk" is Tori's most stunning work to date. We couldn't be more proud to partner with her for the launch of and Scarlet's Web," said Cory Llewellyn, VP of New Media at Epic Records. "Both are not only a reflection of her album, but also offer a deeper look into this incredible body of work."

Look for a very special limited edition Scarlet's Walk CD package also in stores on October 29 packed with all sorts of extras for the ardent Tori fan, including an exclusive DVD, map, Polaroid's, stickers, a charm, and the Scarlet's Walk CD that unlocks "Scarlet's Web."

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