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"The End Zone" on KJZZ TV channel 3 in Salt Lake City
Debuted November 17 & 18, 2001

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Tori appeared on a TV show in Salt Lake City, Utah called The End Zone on KJZZ channel 3. The show first aired on November 17, 2001. It was shown again on November 18, 2001 and on December 15 & 16, 2001. Look below for photos and a complete transcript of Tori's appearance.

The End Zone is produced by a local radio station 107.5 The End and KJZZ TV and is a show where artists perform live in front of a small audience. Tori appeared on radio station 107.5 The End while in Salt Lake City during her Strange Little Tour, and I do believe that performance was aired on the radio the day of her November 6, 2001 concert in Salt Lake City. They happen to tape these small live performances for TV, and that is what was shown on KJZZ TV.

Tori did three songs including Silent All These Years, Rattlesnakes, and Honey. There was also a short interview portion of the show. The program was 30 minutes long.

Toriphiles Monique and Frank made some screen shots from this show and sent them to me. You can find them below. They also transcribed Tori's interview which is also below. I also want to thank Holly Beecher, jen richards and Laura for being the first to tell me about the program.


These screen shots were created by Toriphiles Monique and Frank!


Click any photo to see larger.

Transcript (Part 1)

Monique and Frank sent me this transcript of the first Tori interview!

(Plays Silent All These Years)

I: It's go food to see you, thank you for coming, we know you have been on a dead's been hectic today so thank you for coming in.

T: It was a good bus ride. From Colorado, the baby slept so that was nice

I: so the baby comes with you

T: oh yeah

I: That was one of the questions i wanted to ask

T: everywhere

I: You are a new mom now..since the last time you've been out

T: ......she is our treasure...she comes...and she is umm probably the most amusing person on the crew..she has a new thing that she does...the crew has taught won't believe it....marcel......but we brought your name up..marcel is here, he's our wonderful engineer. and umm we brought your name up on the bus last night, because she wanted to know where her daddy was, we said you know he's on the other bus with uncle mike and uncle marcel and when we said marcel she did the loser sign....he's, you have to understand....he's taught her the loser sign so she puts a little "L" on her head.

I: fasinating stuff..she's just over 1 isn't she?

T: she's 14 months today, today, so.

I: well, happy birthday to her, happy anniversary

T: it's all good.

I: so being a new often refer to yourself as a mother to your songs...and to the music that you do..and so relating to the new album....surprising to some folks that all the songs are cover songs.

T: the men are the mothers. which i thought was a very nice thought for the men...

I: (cuts in) it's, it's, yeah, it's a role reversal

T: (continues) i thought that was a good thing...some men would make wonderful mothers i think...that i's a very nurturing place.

I: so, did you just sit on the floor one day with your record collection and say, "this is a good, this would be a good addition to this and this explains this very well. and i wonder what was the selection process? what ones made it onto the album, were there some that didn't make it on the album?

T: the selection process for me ended very quickly when i was on the floor and thought that i, i said okay, i think i know what i'm doing and husband alerted me to the fact that i was quite in over my head. and i had no idea what i was doing and he said to me if you are going to crawl into the heads of men maybe you should crawl into the heads of men. i said, you know that really is a good idea, so i need a control group and i need to..i have, you know...any fantasy i have in the world it's to be a i just put on my glasses...and my

I: (cuts in) i worked my way through school as a librarian..

T: it's so great, especially with the Manolo Blahnik heel and you put on your little glasses and you start investigating. so i got a group of men together, not, they were never in the same room, it wasn't like that, but it was really.... i began to see that there was an emotional secretive world that men had. i found that men document, a lot of men that i know anyways, document their lives with music. some women document it with their journals and their pictures and you know, i'm not saying that all men do this but i found that a lot of men had CD collections covering years and years and years and are very dear to them and they say, well, "this is when she cheated on me, this is when i umm got got in a car wreck, and this is when i..uh, all went to the hospital, and this is when my world fell apart, this is when i got fired, and this is the thing that got me through......" and i went "wow". for them to show me the music that was like the map of their life...that was the beginning for me to really investigate how men say things and what a women hears, i had to first really understand how men say things and what a man hears.

I: that's a tough process, i'm still single so...i'm still working on that..the whole, "what do you mean by that?" could you do something from the new album...

T: okay i will do something..this is probably my little favorite song from the new record.

(plays rattlesnakes)

Transcript (Part 2)

Thanks again to Monique and Frank for transcribing the interview.

(after rattlesnakes there is a commercial so, after that break we continue the interview)

I: Ok, I've got one for ya. This may sound silly but....I've always wondered this, Letterman or Leno? Cause, I have seen you on both.

T: This isn't on air right?

I: no, no

D: but it will be.

T: Thank you Dennis!!

I: nooo...(laughs)

T: know....I... know how I usually tell it like it is, but, here's the thing. It's such a different conversation now, than it was a year ago. because, here we go back again to Sept. 11..BUT. David is a changed person..because of this and before if you would have asked me, I would have told you the truth....which is, you know....something happened when he went to CBS or whatever and...he is a genius, as we all know..but there was a....there was a bitterness, we all saw that. but, something....the two towers might have shattered everything in all of us, but it also might have shattered arrogance in some of us....and bitterness.

so that you get rid of those walls and you're able to feel things again. because he is a different person. I was there. This is not, this is not just from a distance. I really felt it, and so did everybody else.

I: well, the boss says we need to wrap it

T: okay, ok this is a little song called Honey.

(plays honey)

Back to show Tori signing, what looks like a wall. (i should have taken a still of that..oops, sorry)

Then the interviewer on the street with other fans and etc. Talks about making Tori watch buffy the musical before the taping. They quote Tori then, to say, that she feels that most people need NOT attempt to cross over. but that David Bowie can pull it off.

they go to a clip of her pointing to a guy and saying "you look like Billy on temptation island" and they talk about that. who's Billy? he dated the girl with the braids... etc. LOL (shrugs)

then it closes with a fan who was asked "how'd you like it?" saying "I love her, she is just itsy bitsy" (which I thought was adorable)

Doug Smeath gave me this description of the program:

    Thought you might want to know that Tori was just on Salt Lake City's KJZZ 14 doing an apparent interview and a few songs for a show called the End Zone, which I assume is done by radio station 107.5 The End. I missed the bulk of the show, unaware it was going to happen until my friend called me at work and told me to switch on the TV. I turned it on in time to hear her talking about "David" being a different person since Sept. 11. She made reference to him moving to CBS-- so I assume she was talking about David Letterman-- and she seemed to be implying that he used to be arrogant. "I was there," she said, I think referring to the show she did when Dave came back after Sept. 11. Then she sang "Honey," and it was over. During the credits, they showed her pointing to an audience member and saying he looked like "someone on Temptation Island. Billy!" So, much to my chagrin, it sounds like Tori watches "Temptation Island." :-)

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