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Drive 105 in Minneapolis, MN
November 30, 2002

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Tori did a private interview and performance for radio station Drive 105 in Minneapolis, MN on November 30, 2002 while she was in town on tour. Tori performed Never Seen Blue and Crazy. You can listen to this at the moment at

Here is a report on the private performance from Toriphile Tim McCubrey:

The studio session/radio interview took place at Mix Master Studios in Minneapolis - a small studio downtown where Jonny Lang and Lucinda Williams have recorded in the past. Tori arrived around 2:15 pm in great cheer - even though we had been told that she was "under the weather - a bit tired." After a short wave to everyone (there were about a dozen people total for the session, including eight fans/winners), Tori was ushered into the small studio for a sound check.  We were then brought into the studio with Tori and the radio interviewer. (For the session, only the interviewer and the winners were in the room with Tori.) The studio room was intimate ñ exposed brick, soft lighting, and a stained glass window gave it a nice feel. While technical things were being ironed out, Tori asked what we had all had for breakfast and had a particular interest in how people liked their bagels - toasted, warm, cold, etc... The Drive105 interviewer began the interview with some basic questions (sorry, can't remember exactly what was asked - there was a good deal of focus on Tori's daughter and how it's been touring with a 2 year old) and then asked if Tori would do a song. Tori said that she was going to do one that had been asking to be played and then performed a stunning version of Never Seen Blue. After some more interviewing, Tori performed Crazy - which again, in that small setting was just incredible. The interview ended and Tori then went down the line of winners to sign an autograph and say hello. Tori was simply wonderful - gracious - and very warm with us.

Here is another report from Jenny Wray:

I just read the review of her studio session posted by some guy named Tim.

I totally think he forgot to include some HUGE deets about Tori, as I was there too. For example, she chewed gum throughout her entire studio session. Not loudly, not rude or anything, but just interesting. Also, she was into the whole lip gloss thing. Can someone explain that? She talked to a very handsome guy, who was there, and who I think was Tim's date, about Cornwall, where she now lives with her husband and daughter. She was wearing a cute jean jacket and a pink beret.

I think these things should all be added to the studio session report as they give a clearer picture of what went on.

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