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Radio station DR (Danish Radio)
September 30, 2002

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Tori performed 5 songs during an in-studio performance or mini-concert in Copenhagen, Denmark for radio station DR (Danish Radio) on September 30, 2002. This mini-concert was broadcast on the program Radar on Danish Radio Program 3 in late October 2002. According to their live music newsletter, they broadcast some songs on Tuesday, October 29, 2002, others on Wednesday, October 30, 2002 and the rest of the songs on Thursday October 31, 2002. On Tuesday they broadcast Tori performing Scarlet's Walk and Crazy live. On Wednesday they broadcast Tori playing Pancake and Mrs. Jesus and on Thursday you heard Tori play a sorta fairytale and Strange. (Thanks Thomas Lauritsen.)

Around November 12, 2002, the program Radar on Danish Radio played the interview portions of the Copenhagen performance. (Thanks Ingeborg.) If anyone can send a transcription of that interview to The Dent, please email me.

Here is a description of the taping from Nick Price:

Just wanted you to know that Tori was in Copenhagen on Monday (sep. 30th). She played five new songs, including A Sorta Fairytale, at the DR (Danish Radio) Radio Concert Hall, and I had an invite. Sadly, and this is very sad indeed, I didn’t have the time to go. But I sent my wife, who’s an even bigger fan than I am, and she said the 25 minute concert was spectacular. I forgot to give her our digital camera, so I don’t have photos from the session, naturally. The concert is supposed to be played on the air at some point soon but I don’t know exactly when.

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