Tori On German radio-station Deutschlandfunk (DLF)
May 18, 1998

On May 18, 1998, there was a Tori interview aired on German radio Deutschlandfunk (DLF) on a show called Rock et Cetera. I have a report on the interview and some interesting quotes. sent to me by Timmy and a Purple Monkey:

I told you about the report on German radio-station DLF yesterday night.In fact, it was mostly an interview with the goddess held by a woman from the station. so I think there were some yet unknown quotes in there. Unfortunately the interview was translated into German, so I have to try to retranslate it.Only a few parts are hearable.

tori said about her situation after the miscarriage: "i ran out of over a big lawn, over a big shore straight into a big sea for searching the dead baby's soul. instead of that i found lots of other things.and these are the girls 'from the choirgirl hotel.'"

"the girls "ftch" are worlds that want to be Led Zeppelin-songs multiplicated by ten and sung by girls with breasts and high-heels."

interesting description to Black Dove: "I had the engineers watch and rewatch the movie "Fargo." that's a fascinating movie made in North-Dakota with all those thunderstorms and the ice and the car that comes driving from the range. there is such an excitement in this situation, you know, the car will soon be there, but it ain't there yet, but you know, that you don't know, if you really want it to come, but you can't stop it, the car comes driving straight to you. And I wanted BD to carry this ice-world. And I said to the guys, I see a BD in front of me, you see her face but the BD is made of ice, she is transparent, if you bore into her, she bleeds water, no red blood, you can see your hand through the blood. and that's what i wanna hear."

she further tells, that her girls live their own lives and that it takes a whole tour to really know them. Especially on this album she had the feeling, that the girls sometimes let her in and sometimes not. she would find new details in each playing them.

Hotel is also about her miscarriage: "I was definitely crashing at a certain point, I mean emotionally crashing. I had almost crashed and that's what I sing about in Hotel. It's a strange feeling to see you are crashing, and you know, that it is so, and you know nobody will appear and say: you don't have to crash know. you crash, and then you gotta crawl out of that one."

"In this record I walked a lot with the dead. Maybe they weren't dead, just in another dimension , not physical present at all. Such are the songs, they aren't physical as well. I tried to get them into the same dimension."

Raspberry swirl is about sex: "my women friends and I take on different roles. and as my woman friend once had problems with her boyfriend I slipped into his role and told the men who wanted to come near to her: if you wanna come here you will have to make sure you're good enough for her. but I wasn't impressed of any of them."

"most of my women friends are authors, women who deal with mystic and arts. Many of my male friends are musicians, who play with me or with whom I work."

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