Tori On The DISH - January 24, 1997

Tori was interviewed on a show called The DISH on Lifetime TV, one of the 4 shows that make up a new block of programming called The Place, which is primarily geared to young women. It was a short but interesting interview with host Tracee Ross. Here is a rough transcript of what happened:

Tori talks about having a connection with her Ears With Feet:

"It's really about feeling like you can have a cup of tea with alot of people. It was through live performing that that things started to make sense to me. It has to be a place of trust, so that is what I try to have with people that come to my concerts. And I trust them, I have to trust them, or I can't do it."

Do you have a favorite song?

"No, it changes all the time. I get to know them as beings. The songs aren't inanimate. They're very much real. They just don't have bodies, they do have shoe collections, but not bodies."

"Whatever we do as consenting adults, that's the key word here, there has to be a level of the heart."

Then they briefly talked about RAINN and the concert on Lifetime.

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