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December 23, 2001

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The December 23, 2001 edition of the Denver Post lists Tori's 2001 concert in Denver as one of the best Colorado pop concerts of the year! Special thanks to Ann (Kai) for letting me know about this. You can read more about this at or below.

Best of 2001

Concert champs

Trey to Green Day to Sade rocked the rafters in Denver

By The Denver Post Arts & Entertainment Staff

Colorado's 2001 pop-concert calendar - bookended by a pair of stops on the record-breaking U2 tour - also featured a possible goodbye from Eric Clapton; stunning returns to form by Bob Dylan, Sade and the Eagles; and a Radiohead date to prove there's still plenty of juice left in that crazy little thing called rock 'n' roll.

And those were just some of the best moments on local concert stages this year. Here, Denver Post reviewers G. Brown, Percy Ednalino, Mark Harden, Steven Rosen and Ed Will; and contributors Candace Horgan and Eric L. Reiner offer their choices of the best Colorado pop concerts of the year (plus one ringer from a neighboring state).

Each reviewer then list their favorite concert. Here is the entry for Tori:

Tori Amos, Nov. 5, Paramount Theatre

Playing solo for the first time in five years, Amos showed she can still capture an audience without a band. I was not impressed by her latest CD, a compilation of covers, but the new material sounded better without the added instrumentation, and her older material sparkled, including a thrilling "Silent All these Years" and an excellent "Caught a Lite Sneeze." The highlight of the show was a haunting, a cappella "Me and a Gun," a song about Amos' rape many years ago.

- Candace Horgan

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