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October 29, 2002

Added November 22, 2002

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Read a review of Scarlet's Walk from the October 29, 2002 edition of the Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet. Thanks to Kirsti Stien, who translated the article for us from Norwegian into English. Read it below or go to the Dagbladet web site to read the original in Norwegian.

Market friendly extensive piano pop

The alarm of concept goes already before you even open the paperbox that houses Tori Amos' seventh album, DVD, a charm and lots of other stuff.

"Scarlet's Walk" is not only conceptual in its framing, but also in the content, where Scarlet is Tori Amos fictitious travelling companion. Like Thelma & Lousie of alternative pop they are crossing USA, to the sound of well produced and a undoubtedly more market friendly variant of her traditionally piano focused sound. Sometimes is this a revelation, as on the excellent first single "A sorta Fairytale". She rarely made better pop.

Other times you're find yourself missing the exacting Bšsendorfer blowout that made Amos to something extraordinary in the middle of the 90's, after she finished her greatest admiration for Kate Bush.

"Scarlet's Walk" is at all not a bad album, but it's biggest enemy is the extent: 18 tracks and 74 minutes is a lot even for old fans.

Rating: 4 / 6 points

Author: Sven Ove Bakke

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