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April 5, 2000

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The Dent was mentioned in this article that appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on April 5, 2000. You can read it online at or below. Thanks to Brad Walsh for telling me about it AND for writing it!

Fan pages update you on bands

Wednesday, April 5, 2000


Many times, a band's official Web site is not constructed or maintained as well as the fans would like. This is because most of the time, official Web sites are set up by the band's management and record label (people who usually don't really know or care much about the artist). The better source for information, pictures and media is usually a fan page. Here are some of the best fan pages on the Net:

Foo Fighters - "Ultimate Foo Fighters Page"

http://members.tripod. com/~ultim8_foof

This page is excellent for finding song lyrics and guitar tabs of Foo Fighters songs. And for any aspiring Foo, it is the best page from which to learn songs. There are also current and past tour dates, pictures and a complete discography, including information on rare and unreleased songs.

Garbage - "Garbage Version 2.0 News"

All Garbage news can be found here. It is frequently updated with the latest release and appearance news, as well as media clips, album and single artwork and tour info. New songs are known right away, and television appearances are announced well ahead of time, giving plenty of time for the ultimate fan to watch them. There is even occasional merchandise info, including pictures and descriptions of lead singer Shirley Mandon's latest project: Garbage orange nail polish and makeup, to go along with the band's latest album cover.

Tori Amos - "A Dent in the Tori Amos Net Universe"

Tori Amos fans want to know everything. And here they get it. "The Dent," as it is known to frequenters, is updated daily with plenty of new information, including scans of magazine appearances, screen shots from television appearances, album and single information. There are even radio and television interview transcripts for any fan who might have missed a show featuring Amos. There is a chat forum where fans can register and talk about Amos (the "Main Tori" forum), as well as other things in the "Interesting Topics" forum. As if that were not enough, the site has a complete discography and up-to-the-minute tour information.

Blink 182 - "Absolute Punk"

This Blink 182 site has the band's latest tour information, as well as extensive picture galleries. It details and provides lyrics to the songs on Blink 182's current album, "Enema of the State," as well as their previous album. There is even an individual biography provided for each of the Blink members. For tour dates and music release information, this is the site to go to.

Walsh is a senior at University School.

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