Catholic Parent Magazine
Sept/Oct 1998

Added September 25, 1998

The Sept./Oct. 1998 issue of "Catholic Parent" magazine has a rather laughable (IMHO) review of "from the choirgirl hotel." Thanks to Sandy Rizzo for sending this to me. The editorial comments are the author's, and not Sandy's.

Our Sunday Visitor's Catholic Parent, September/October 1998
"Lour & Clear" column in CP Media/Music Watch by Richard G. Beemer

"The Artist: Tori Amos
The CD: "From the Choirgirl Hotel"
C. Atlantic Recording Corporation

Without a doubt, many songs are so personal it is near impossible for the average bloke to understand the longing and torment of lyrics sculpted by the soul, often wrought from painful experiences. But I sometimes think, after carefully reading the lyrics to entire CDs, that (1) they're too stupid to put their thoughts down coherently, or (2) they write weird stuff on purpose for fun, just to confuse, or (3) they're on drugs.

Shall we?

Selected Lyrics from various songs: On "Spark," Amos' wry wit startles with, "If the Divine Master is perfection (*note: author left out "plan") / maybe next I'll give Judas a try." You devil, you. On "Raspberry Swirl" she warbles lustily, "If you want inside her well, boy you better make her raspberry swirl." Don't have to be Frederico Fellini to figure that one out (heavy breathing at end of tune for those who can't). "She's Your Cocaine" has her spouting, "She's your cocaine / She's got you shaving your legs / you can suck anything / buy you know you wanna be me / put on your make-up boy / you're your favorite stranger / and we all like to watch." Hello? On "Northern Lad," she belts, "It gets so **** cold." Later.

My Take: Amos pontificated in Rolling Stone magazine that she has a mission: "To expose the dark side of Christianity." Welcome to the fray, sweet faerie. May God, and especially the Hawaiian volcano goddess, bless you.

Parental Advisory: Pray for her."

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