Cosmopolitan Magazine
November 1999

Updated November 18, 1999

An interview with Tori appears in the November 1999 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine. Atlantic Records stated in a news item that "In the interview Tori talks talked candidly about her upbringing, her name, her marriage, and the creation of her newest album." An AP story that ran in several local newspapers quoted these lines from the interview:

Growing up with a Methodist minister for a dad, singer Tori Amos felt surrounded by religion.

"I've grown up with the church in my bathroom, my bedroom, in my underwear drawer," she jokes in the November issue of Cosmopolitan magazine

That's why, she says, she's rejected organized Christianity. Still, the 36-year-old pop star, whose latest album is titled "to venus and back," loves to read and debate religious philosophy.

"The PC thing, that's not my scene. I lay it on the table. If someone is going to take their lithium, do a line, or read the Bible, go for it. As long as you don't hurt anyone else, it's all the same to me."

There was quite a bit of controversy stirred up over the part of the interview where Tori says she hung out "doing a bit of blow" with the band. Debates raged on my online forum trying to determine if Tori meant cocaine or pot (doing a "blow" in the U.S. means cocaine but it means pot in the U.K., where Tori currently lives.) Tori sometimes uses British slang when talking, but in at least one other 1999 interview she clearly used the word "blow" to mean cocaine. In any event, it really got the conversation on drugs going in my forum. (To be honest, we may never know exactly what Tori meant or how serious she was. Sometimes she likes to shock people. Also, there are other recent interviews where she downplays drugs or says she does not hardly do them any more, so take all this as you will!) The November 5, 1999 issue of the Washington City Paper contained an article about Tori in the Rock Stars Hate Me section, responding to Tori's comments in this Cosmo article.

Charlie Poole sent me photos of the article that show the photos and the text. He received the pics from Toriphile Pixiieeestix.

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