Tori on CNN's Showbiz Today
May 7, 1998

CNN's Showbiz Today had a short story on Tori and her new album "from the choirgirl hotel" on May 7, 1998. I have a full transcript sent to me by Danica and a few photos I made from the program. The show was repeated early in the morning on May 8, 1998.

Begins with pic of Tori on the telly and female host says: "Tori Amos likes to think of her songs as people. She also likes to think of her insturments as people, but even with all these people around, she decided to hook up with some real life people to help her with her latest album. Michael Okou (spelling?) explains. {Note: Michael is the one to interview Tori himself}

(play clip of Spark video)

Michael (Announcer, ill call him M from now on): Tori Amos gets a tad spacey, musing about music

Tori: The music, you're own music...each person's can take them to another universe. I go to different universes all the time. I *love* travelling.

{Narrator speaks while Spark vid plays} Amos, whose piano has always taken center stage, ventures into uncharted territory with her album 'from the choirgirl hotel', her first ever album with a full ensemble sound.

M: It's a real musical flirtation that your piano is engaging with all these other instruments, its not jealousy.

T: Yeah, No I just kinda sat with myself and felt like the piano wanted...she just looked over at the drums ..said...i wanna play with that. There's this primal, primitive thing that happens when your playing the rhythm.

{Narrator while clips of tori with fans, and her playing piano grace the tv} Amos has been playing a 12 city club tour around the US, also with a full band. She recalls years ago promising her piano, which incidently she sweetly calls her companion, her muse, her beautiful 9 foot yummy magical creature, they could meet magical heights least for awhile.

T: I've honoured my promise to her, and now its like...lets have fun with these other players. We don't have to lose who we are be doing it. But we're getting a bit lonely here.

(Clip of Silent all These Years Video plays) Least you think she's going electric after 3 unplugged platinum releases starting with 1992's Little Earthquakes, she still wants to tell honest stories.

(More Spark Video) Her new single Spark is about her most recent tragedy.

T: When I miscarried, umm, I had to find someway to communicate with this being...this little being..that had passed. I'm not nice music for your apartment.

(Shows Clips of the Net) Fans can find a bonus track that doesn't appear on her new album on the internet, where she is still one of the most popular artists. And catch up on her travels on a 2 year world tour, starting this year.

Then it ends showing the end of the Spark Video.

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